How To Install Android 4.4 Kitkat On Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is a low-budget Android smartphone which comes with 3.14 inch TFT capacitive Touchscreen display, which is powered by an 832 MHz processor. The device runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating system. If you are using this device and want to upgrade its firmware to Android KitKat, then you are in the right place. Here, you can find the simple instructions to install Android 4.4.2 KitKat Firmware on Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 smartphone.

Disclaimer: This procedure will void the warranty of your device. Also, if anything goes wrong while following this tutorial, don’t held me liable. Proceed at your own risk.

Install Android 4.4 Kitkat On Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102


  1. Make sure that battery backup of your device is 80% or above. If it is less, your device will get switched off during the middle of the process, and it will result in your phone getting bricked. So, keep your device fully charged and then proceed with the process.
  2. Next, you need to take a full backup of data’s and stuff on your smartphone by using appropriate apps. We can restore the personal data after finishing the installation process.
  3. Download Samsung USB drivers for your smartphone and install it on your computer.
  4. Make sure that your device is rooted. If you haven’t done it, follow our guide to rooting Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

Root Galaxy Y Duos Video Tutorial:

After finishing all these prerequisites, you can move on to the main tutorial.

Tutorial To Install Android 4.4 KitKat On Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102:

      1. To begin, you need to download Kitkat 4.4 for Duos and Clockwork Mod on your computer. Next, connect your device to the computer via Original USB cable and transfer the downloaded files to SD card.
      2. Now, switch off your smartphone and boot your device into Recovery mode. To do this, press and hold Volume down button, Power button, and Home Button at the same time until it is active.
    1. In recovery mode, you can perform basic Wipe data and Wipe Cache. Now, select Apply Update from SD card and then choose the copied CWM file. Now you will boot into CWM Recovery.
    2. Again, perform the Wipe data and Wipe Cache in CWM Recovery mode. Now, you have to go to “Advanced” option and then do Wipe Dalvik and Wipe Battery Stats. Once done, click on the back
    3. Now, go to Mounts and Storage and do the following: Mount/data, /sd card, /system. Once done, format/data, /cache, /system. Once you have done that, mount/data, /cache, /system.
    4. Now, get back to the CWM recovery main menu and select Install zip from SD card and choose Kitkat 4.4 for Duos and then select “yes” to start the installation process.
    5. Once finished, reboot your smartphone normally. The first boot after installing this ROM will some time. So be patient until your device boots normally.

Galaxy Y Duos Android 4.4 Kitkat

Install Android 4.4 KitkatVideo Tutorial:

Congrats! You have successfully installed Android 4.4 Kitkat on Galaxy Y Duos Smartphone. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, do let me know via comments.


137 thoughts on “How To Install Android 4.4 Kitkat On Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

  1. Hey Sathish,

    I have followed each and every thing through your video to upgrade a Galaxy y duos to Anroid 4.4 kitkat. But after installing it shows a “Samsung Galaxy y DUOS GT-S6102” logo. I have done this thing yesterdat at 3:00 PM til yet its not working neither open normally nor upgrade version…. til 2:27 pm, Its almost 24 hours on a same mode.

    May i get a solution from your side to get start my cell phone.

    Thank You
    Bhupender Pachloria

  2. Hi,

    Go to CWM again and perform “Wipe Data/Reset” and go to “Advanced” and perform “Wipe Dalvik Cache”. Now reboot and you will be able to successfully boot into the new ROM.

  3. hello ,

    am facing a problem to connect internet now. not even its taken google account. what should i do..?

    Bhupender Pachloria

  4. Hello, I have started to many times but internet is not working…… Cell phone is working properly, Even i dont know Sir what king of issuse is it..!! Help me out because without internet my cell phone is totally waste for me….

    I have to restarted so many times my cell phone, Should i do once again the same process to install kitkat 4.4 through tutorial.

    Please help me Sathish..

    Thank You
    Bhupender Pachloria

  5. When comes software update popup…………………… when i click on confirm it shows always registring device…………….round round circle kind of……

  6. Please Sir help me out….. I asked to customer care to get a configuration message to install in it… i installed it…….. switched off again n again but unfortunately am not able to connect internet, And Google Account (Gmail Account).
    Please reply via email a better way to solve it.
    Bhupender Pachloria

  7. hello, I am using a gts6102 mob and would like to know how to save all the data on sd card, I have rooted my mobile and downloaded the apks on sd card but the data’s of these apks are still downloading on my internal and I want it to be on my sd card, can u please help me ?

  8. hi sathish does this trick work on any of ur mobiles how much ram will be used by the new software

  9. I have downloaded both the file on my mobile it self , then i tried to root by but after selecting update from sd card , i cant find the option update. Zip please help 🙁

  10. I have done the whole process and after installing kitkat properly i rebooted my phone but it’s not starting now . It stuck on the black screen with writeen samsung galaxy y duos pleaseee help me pleaseeee

  11. I have installed it and it’s working properly but when i go to settings>about phone>andriod version it is showing 4.4.2 but when i do several click on that it shows that zombie art by jack that means this is not upgraded its just the kind of them and skin that have changed. Amd either we can use any app or game which is made for upgraded version.. stop fooling!

  12. Hi ! I already done all the steps and successfully installed kitkat on my phone . Thank you for your post . I just have one problem , coz after the reboot , there’s no notification bar . how could i fix it ? Please help me . thanks

  13. hyy my phone did not start even after wiping data and cache

    PLS. fix this as soon as possible.

  14. sir when i downloade the cwm and entered in recovery mode and install that cwm it says install aborted so sir please provide me a geniune cwm 6102 zip file or geniune link for cwm 6102 recovery..please

  15. sir can i install 4.4.2 kitkat without cwm beacause it always says install aborted when i click on cwm…please help

  16. You can do it but still when you install this ROM, it will automatically wipe all your device’s data.

  17. If i will install this custom rom kitkat 4.4 .then i can run the apps which runs only on android 4.4????

  18. hello sir.gdmorng.
    i am using a samsung Gts6102
    my problem is short ram.
    can it be

  19. Hi, I have tried several times to download the rom from given link. But it stops downloading after completing 88%. Please provide any mirror link if possible.

  20. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Y Dous GT-S1602 which is working fine after installing KitKat but i am facing some problems with bluetooth,notification tones these are not working how to fix this ???
    I rebooted soo many times stll facing same problems

  21. Sir,
    That is Not Kitkat,
    It is Just Kitkat Theme Based on Gingerbread 2.3.6
    No Official Update for GT-S6102 Came, Atleast in Asia.
    Can You Please Give the Link of Real Android 4.4.4?
    Or Even 4.0.x Will Work.
    As No Updates Came for This Device, Can You Please Give the Link of Android 4.0+ Which Came for Other Devices Ported for GT-S6102?

  22. I’m Not Against You, Sir.
    But Your Information is Wrong.
    If You Think Your ROM is 4.4, then Try Using Some of the Apps that are built for 4.0+ Android.
    Like, Google Now Laucher.

  23. I understand but still most of the features of Android KitKat has been used in this ROM and i find it useful as well.

  24. Sir,
    That’s What I Was Saying.
    It Has Kitkat’s “Feature”. But it is Not Kitkat.
    It is Running on Android 2.3.6
    Sir, You Are Fooling Millions of People Here.

  25. Who am I fooling here. I am not the developer of this ROM. I have just shared this ROM which I have found useful when i tried in my device. Yes, the ROM doesn’t support Android 4.4 based apps but it still shows the version as Android 4.4 in the About page and it has most of the functions of Android 4.4. Before criticizing someone, make sure that you are well aware of the facts. I have shared this for informational purpose. Its your wish to try it or not to try it and I am not posting fake information as well.

  26. I have instlled it bt i cant connect my phone via usb cable.i tried many time bt i cant connect it via usb cable. nd i m not use usb tethring..plz help me what i do to rsolve it.

  27. 10 minutes give or take but if it takes more time, boot into CWM and wipe data and cache and reboot.

  28. Hi Sathish,

    Thank you for your post.

    Everything worked fine for me EXCEPT that, at the end of the procedure, the screen is no more able to recognize any digital touch. I’m locked at the welcoming page… The “touchness” of my smartphone has gone… Could you please help me to fix this issue?

    Kind Regards

    touchable after this procedure. Indeed, the screen is locked at the welcome page because the touchsI can see the that I can’t press

  29. Hi,

    It will take few mins for the touch to work. I am certain that it will work properly.

  30. i have installed the kit kat rom but i dont like it because it is just the holo launcher. can you say how to boot my samsung rom again

  31. after all the step i perform when install kitkat after that reboot it take too much time please immediately reply………….(upto wait 1 hours)

  32. sir.i have followed each and everything,but the phone not restarting since 24 hours please give me one solutoin sir.

  33. Hi,

    The first boot after installing the custom firmware will take a little bit of time. Just wait for few minutes and you will have a new working device.

  34. You will have to go back to the CWM recovery, wipe data/cache and then reboot. Your device will work normally.

  35. i installed kitkat 4.4 in galaxy y duos gts6102. i dont like this design, and facing low space rom problems. how can i get back to original os 2.3.6?

  36. Hi sathish,
    Once i switch on my mobile(Samsung galaxy Y duos gts6102) it is just coming the samsung logo again repeatedly its coming unable to switch on the mobile can u please help me out regarding this.
    I thought of to update the software but the thing is like i dont know were to get the softwares can u pls send me the links of the software to down load and steps to follow the installation of software

  37. once i select the apply from sd card and select cwm-s6102 it is showing me installation aborted message

  38. It will take a little bit time to get booted for the first time after installing a ROM. Wait for an hour and if it doesn’t work, then go to CWM, wipe cache/data and then reboot.

  39. i want to go back on android 2.3.6 gingerbread send me a link to download a zip file of gingerbread plzzz

  40. Hi sathish,
    Once i switch on my mobile Samsung galaxy Y duos 6102 it is just coming the samsung logo again repeatedly…
    wat to do nw??? i watched ur video tutorial step by step nd did it…

  41. Hey Sathish ,
    how can increase syestem storage memory in samsung galaxy y duos.

    please help me……

  42. i successfully installed kitkat on my phone but i lost my imei nos so how how can i use my phone now….dont cheat us….by making fake updates

  43. I have done the whole process and after installing kitkat properly i rebooted my phone but it’s not starting now . It stuck on the black screen with writeen samsung galaxy y duos what sir my mob distroy solusion for me

  44. Go to CWM, wipe cache/data and reboot. Since the device is booting for the first time after installing a new ROM, it might take time to boot up.

  45. i have installed this on my phone. And how i can update this version while it is showing notification in status bar and which country should be selected. India selected is showing error.????? Many of the imp apps are not compatible for this…like snapdeal,mcent,flipkart and so more….what should be done…??? Galary name is also in another language nd how it can be changed.

  46. Hey Bro Haii

    How upgrade my root Mobile Android 4.4.2

    It’s Possible…??

  47. I had done all step but after reboot only samsung logo display.
    I had also wipe data/cache but still not working.

  48. Friend this rom you climbed runs the BBM ? and all applications of 4.4 kitkat ? because I had already done that before and I did not run the application BBM and that my phone is Root 🙂 Thanks . !

  49. sir i followed all your steps carefully after this my phone stuck on samsung logo and not going in recoverery mode i think my phone is bricked its only go to in download mode please help sir how to install stock rom in my phone

  50. Friend this rom you climbed runs the BBM ? and all applications of 4.4 kitkat ? because I had already done that before and I did not run the application BBM and that my phone is Root 🙂 Thanks . !

  51. Sir i am a samsung galaxy S6102 user and i update my phone using ur instructions and i got kitkat version but when i want to rego on my old version i permanently deleted all my files including system file and when i reboot my phone it is not starting it is only showing samsung module logo and nothing happens even putting it in same condition my phone dosen’t start please help me
    yours faithfully
    contact me at:

  52. Sir bt my phone is not getting start i thin its all type of software has gone
    help me

  53. Dear sir, How to download kit kat 4.4 android ZIP with cwm image for samsung galaxy y duos device?

  54. i install kitkat 4.4 on my samsung galaxy duos young GT-S6102 But how to return to my gingerbread android Please help me .


  55. yr i have follow all your steps now tell me how to uninstall this kitkat version…??????
    its not started even once

  56. hello i have successfully install kitkat on my galaxy y dous and everything works great. now my phone has shown a message about a new software update is it same to comfirm

  57. hi how much time it will take for starting it stuck on the samsung galaxy y dous gts6102
    what should i do

  58. Don’t confirm it! It will remove the existing software you have in your device.

  59. Hi Sir,
    i have successfully install kitkat on my galaxy y dous but know we install apps like whts up and other game
    they are not install.
    So please help us .sir

  60. hi!

    how can I change the language of my phone I already installed the kitkat rom but the language of my phone is not english…
    please help me sir

  61. To Satish:
    This is one real good attempt that allows user to get over the limitation of Galaxy duos at least embellishing the interface looks if not the performance. The promptness towards users’ queries is also praiseworthy. Merely a line that could be added before the guide that this should not be expected as a full-fledged version of 4.4.2 which is quite logical because we can’t put boeing engine in cart and expect it to fly. In all, thanks for the good efforts.

    To akshri48 (Anonymous) who is complaining:
    Ever seen a gatecrasher who sneaks uninvited to a party, enjoys the treat but at the same time keep complaining?? Shame? Yes for sure but to whom? To a person who just unrevealed a technical aspect of a device and shared it with people for FREE and then responding to their questions as best as he could, putting significant amount of his time and efforts.

    You also seem not paying attention else might have perceived this whole process can get revert and the walkthrough with links is right here in the forum. Let’s postulate for a minute there really was any flaw in the sequence and you find it important for people to get aware and be cautious; even then you should have basic etiquettes and politeness to respond over a public forum.

    So shame in fact to you akshri48 sir because you didn’t realize any of it and are good only for squandering others’ time over your frivolous remarks. Learn something from this instance. Good luck.

  62. sir please explain me how to install cwms6102 in my sd card sir please dont be angry but you have even not explained it in the tutorial or video

  63. Hi,

    Read the Step 3 again. I have told exactly how you can boot into the CWM mode.

  64. shanu,
    you cam just copy and past it to your SD card as he write in the first of the article.

    “To begin, you need to download Kitkat 4.4 for Duos and Clockwork Mod on your computer. Next, connect your device to the computer via Original USB cable and transfer the downloaded files to SD card.”

  65. sir i meant that how to have as you have
    mentioned its necessary to root sir plz help

  66. how do i switch off my phone …its stuck at the samsung logo for about 1 hour after full installation …..and how do i go to CWM again and perform “Wipe Data/Reset” and go to “Advanced” and perform “Wipe Dalvik Cache” , when i can’t even switch off my phone??
    Please help

  67. please help me i am not getting how to get update.Zip to root my phone plz help me sir plz reply or anybody who have done this proceder please help and share it with me plz reply

  68. i have even copied everything you said to my sd card but when rooting i am not seeing that update.Zip

  69. Did you copy the to the root folder of your SD card or to any sub-folders?

  70. no sir i have only copied kitkat for duos and cwm6102 nothing other then that wheather how to copy

  71. Hey, damn you WHY NOT ASK WHAT YOU RESPOND ? this Roms runs the BBM and Whatsapp ? everything else I can do. THANK YOU . !

  72. I’m facing the same problem my phone is also showing the logo from one hour and there are no changes on the screen.what shoul i do.

  73. Siir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i have done all process my phone struck in logo even in cwm wipedata and cache plZzzzzzzz help sir

  74. hello sir, as per ur giving procedure i can successfully install kitkat rom in my galaxy y duos gt s6102. But unfortunately i want to try for lolipop rom of galaxy y gt s5360 and now my phone does not perform at all. When i press power key then it only show galaxy y duos and then power off automatically. The process is repeated. Please sir kindly tell me is my phone lost forever or have a solution? Please help me.

  75. plz sir help i have done all the process bt i am not able 2 play a game named clash of clans its not installing on my phone

  76. Hi Sathish, this is Pradeesh kumar from Chennai.

    Thank you for your post for updating the android version, just now I have installed the update everything is fine but the thing is whatever the apps I tried to open it shows “”The application xxxxxx (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again –> Force close/Force stop”” .
    This is the message I can get I cannot able to open any app and cannot update any app.
    2. When I ring up to this updated mobile, the sound is not heared. I tried by changing the tone but still it is in slient. while I call second time to the mobile that it says mobile is switched off.

    Can you please help me to recover this problem

    Thank you

  77. hello sir,
    Sir i follow all the instruction and install the Rom successfully. But when i reboot it First Time show the message “KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE”. So sir plz give me the solution for that.
    Thank You!

  78. hello,
    Sir Actually there are on my device two icon for same app appears in two different language .
    plz give me the solution.

  79. Sir
    I follow all the step and at last when i boot my device its not working either older or newer than what can i do… can i get my old os

  80. Sir
    plz give me icecream sanwich rom zip file download link for my samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102
    plz plz sir