How To Root Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 Smartphone

Micromax Canvas Nitro is a low-budget high features Android Smartphone which comes with a 5 inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen display, which is powered by 1.7 GHz Octa-core processor and the device runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating system. The best part of this device is the camera: a 13 Mega Pixel Primary Camera is available for taking HD pictures and videos along with a 5 Mega Pixel Secondary Camera for video calling with best clarity.

If you are an owner of this smartphone and want to root your device for installing rooted apps or to install custom ROM firmware’s, then you are in the right page. Here, I have given a working tutorial to root your Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 smartphone.

WARNING: Follow this rooting procedure will void the warranty of your Smartphone. Also, if anything happens to your Micromax device while following this procedure, don’t held us responsible. Proceed at your own will.

Root Micromax Canvas Nitro A310


  1. Before starting with the rooting procedure, you have to take the full backup of your device data. Even though the rooting process will not wipe your Smartphone data, it is safe to have a backup that you can use in times of emergency.
  2. After that, you need to enable USB Debugging on your Micromax Canvas device. To do this, go to Settings and then click on Developer option and tick on USB Debugging box to enable it.
  3. Make sure that the battery of your phone is fully charged to carry out the rooting procedure without any power issues.

Once you have completed all above prerequisites, you can proceed with main rooting procedure given below.

Tutorial To Root Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 Android Phone:

  1. First of all download and install Micromax USB Drivers for your smartphone on the Computer, so that you can connect your smartphone with PC.
  2. Now, download and install Kingoroot app on your Computer. Once done, connect your smartphone with the Computer by using appropriate USB cable. Your Smartphone might take up some time to connect.
  3. Then, open Kingoroot on your Computer and then click on the Root button. Just wait for some time and your Micromax Canvas Nitro will be rooted.
  4. Congratulations! Now you have successfully rooted your Canvas Nitro A310 device.

If you face any issues during the rooting process, then buzz me here via comments. I will get back to you with a solution within 24-48 hours.


  1. how to install usb driver bro?

  2. You have to download the USB driver for your device from here:, extract the zip file and click on the executable file to install it.

  3. Waquar Ahmad says:

    There’s no option of A310 in device Drivers list. Please help. I need to root my device.

  4. I have rooted my micromax nitro A310 using some application. It has run successfully. How to check whether my phone is rooted or not.

  5. Use root checker app. You can download it from Google Play store. And may i know which application you have used to root your device?

  6. I will give you USB drivers link shortly.

  7. Can we unroot the device again for warranty claim? Please help me about this.

  8. Yes, we can!

  9. how to run otg in canvas nitro A310

  10. You can’t. It’s not supported.

  11. Mohit Agarwal says:

    Any update for the drivers and stock ROM of A310? Also I’ve read at some forums that accelerometer stops functioning after rooting this phone. Also some people are facing issues with battery after rooting. Is it so?

  12. I will publish them soon. Nope, rooting won’t cause those issues.

  13. Mohit Agarwal says:

    Shall I proceed with rooting without A310 drivers or wait for them? Could you explain something about CWM recovery. What is it and is required or not? Others posts on this topic are not very clear.

  14. Yup go ahead. I don’t think that you need to wait for drivers, if you have an active internet connection. CWM recovery is required for installing custom ROM’s. Don’t bother about it right now. Just root your device.

  15. bro,i installed the new updates in my micromax canvas nitro a310 and after that i am facing battery problem as battery usage has increased please help….

  16. Ramakrishna says:

    HI, I am using A310 and I have a problem with my video calling. My SIM signal is showing 3G network but when i try to do video calling it is performing voice calling.

    Earlier few times i was able to do video calling.

    Please tell me how to do correct the same.

  17. Bro. I m. Not able to see developer option in my phone

  18. Mohit Agarwal says:

    I was unable to root my device using kingroot. PC version was unable to detect my device. I have checked kingroot website and there is no link for micromax drivers. Is this phone still not supported by kingroot?I was also unable to root via other apps. Could you tell me sure shot method to root this device?

  19. dear Satish,

    Iam trying to root my canvas a310 but unable to find the drivers.. tried the link

    but unable to download the drivers as to many users have logged in.. can u pls send me the drivers so that i can root my phone…

    thanks in advance

  20. After root will it support otg

  21. Nope, it won’t.

  22. PawanKumar says:

    The Guys. Who r saying that they are saying that. They are able to root ther micromax nitro a310 is completely false, because ther is no any option in. This phone to connect in usb debbuging mode then how to possible to root it. Without this. If any then TOLD me too

  23. ASHISH SWAMI says:

    i have rooted my canvas nitro with above method and thanks for this. but i am facing a new problem. after rooting my SU binary is not updating. please help me with this

  24. Hi,

    It should be some kinda Internet connection issue. Try it with Wi Fi.

  25. Mohd Arshad Ziya says:

    Dear please mujhe yeh batao maine apna micromax nitro root kiya… Aur ab fir super user k through unroot kiya.. Mujhe ota update milega ya nahi

  26. I have rooted successful, but not able to move app to sdcard. Plz help me

  27. Install App2SD app and then try!

  28. if i root my phine will i be able to run high end games

    and if i root my phone through framaroot what happens

  29. Mohd Arshad Ziya says:

    If i unroot my micromax nitro 310. Can i get ota updates or not.

  30. If you unroot your device, yes you will get OTA updates.

  31. Mohd Arshad Ziya says:

    If i unroot my phone, you told that I find OTA update but how can I cheak OTA supported by my mobile.

  32. My a310 is not getting update. Will it be helpful?

  33. Rooting will not help you to get OTA updates. It must be something else.

  34. Mohd Arshad Ziya says:

    Dear Satish pleaze tell me. If i unroot my mobile, how can i cheaked ota updates supported by my phone.

  35. Hi Satish,

    I want to root my Micromax Canvas Nitro a310. Could you please help with right resources. Forums are very confusing or may be I am apprehensive. Need to uninstall few unwanted preinstalled apps after rooting. After that is done, can I get back to unrooted state?…Please assist

  36. Bri I have installed the drivers and Kingoroot is taking me to root page but root result is fail. Why? Do we need Internet connection for rooting procedure? Plus give me a reply

  37. Nope, there is no need for internet connection. What sort of error is it showing?

  38. Hi Kaushik,

    Follow the procedure given here to root your device. And yes, you can unroot your device after uninstalling the bloatware.

  39. bro if i start rooting my mob will all internat data ,will be lost…

  40. internal data

  41. Bro it says unable to connect to server and it gets failed… Help me plz

  42. It’s recognizing the device as well as drivers are also OK. Still why does it happen? I’ve followed everything as u explained

  43. surjeet attri says:

    i want to root my canvas a310 but usb driver for my mobile is not available on the driver link u have given kindly help me to dwld usb driver

  44. I have published the driver link now. You can get it from the USB drivers page.

  45. Nope, it won’t!

  46. Bro help me please give me an answer my root result is fail why is it happening

  47. James Snyder says:

    How to unroot after uninstalling…

    thanks in advance

  48. The Root genius has an option to unroot. Use it.

  49. Brother pls dont ignore me i really need your help.. My root result is showing as fail. Why?my drivers are all ok. Still why brother help me

  50. Sai abhijat says:

    Ive first rooted my nitro with kingoroot and installed several roms.. now im using the nitro stockrom flashed with twrp now it is seen that supersu had become my system app.! But now I’ve lost the root access! And i tried to root again with kingoroot and several root tools.. But it doesn’t work! Plz help me out!

  51. wani wasiq says:

    Is there any method for rooting Micromax canvas nitro without computer……..sir plz reply me it is very urgent. ……

  52. i rooted my canvas nitro for getting otg support , downloaded otg helper app also but still when I click mount it says no drives found , plz help ?

  53. Bro… it says my a310 is unsupported. Its recognizing it as a 310but says deviceunsupported. When i click root button it shows result as fail.pls pls help me why dont u answer me?????

  54. Hi,

    I am looking for an alternative method to root this device. Will let you know once I find one.

  55. Sir when i used this procedure kingo root says rooting done but my phone show supersu what is it and it wants mode one is normaland other cmw
    how i install cmw on canvas nitro

  56. Sir I have unroot my phone through supersu clean up option is it unroot
    Warranty comes back

  57. How to upgrade Micromax A310 to lollipop
    Plz giv d instructions..

  58. That’s great to hear!

  59. Dear Friends,

    I want MT65XX Driver for Micromax Nitro A310. All Links was checked but not working you have any link Please share with me.


  60. After i click on root it says root failed.

  61. TARUN KASHYAP says:


  62. vipul bamaniya says:

    hello sir I have rooted my a310 how to update android lollipop?

  63. Surjeet Attri says:

    I have rooted my canvas a 310 and install pure aosp custom rom on it. Everything is alright except play store does not conected shows the msg that conect to network first. But browser open sites . What can be done for this.

  64. Micromax Canvas A310 User Nitro Can Now Update Their Phones To Android5.0 Lollipop Use Custom ROM.

  65. Sathish says:

    You have to download and install a custom ROM which is using Android L firmware. If you don’t know how, let me know. I will provide a tutorial.

  66. Can this phone be rooted thru framaroot app??? If yes then which version??? If framaroot doesnot, then any other app without pc???

  67. @pawan kumar.
    Every android phones has developers option.
    But only thing is some manufacturers hides it in some devices. This is how u will b able to b a developer in any android devices.

    go to settings -> about phone -> then locate built number and tap on to it for 7 times without break. That’s it. U wil b able to see dev options in ur any andro phones.

  68. Ishu Mehta says:
  69. Ishu Mehta says:

    How can we replace the thumbnails and names of apps,,,,,.. Plzzz tell me any launcher or app to do so Plzzz

  70. Sathish says:

    I am not sure whether it is possible at all, but I will have a look at it and will let you know.

  71. Sathish says:

    Framaroot doesn’t work on this device. Only Kingoroot is working and for that you will need a computer.

  72. Does it changes cast screen facility in my. Phone brother

  73. Hello bro..i want to root my samsung galaxy core prime sm g360h with an apk file as i dont have pc/laptop..please suggest to root my samsung. Thanx

  74. Nakul Sharma says:

    after root can we move applications to sd card

  75. You can do that before rooting but after rooting you will able to uninstall preinstalled applications.

  76. Sure, I will publish a rooting tutorial for your device shortly.

  77. vineet nain says:

    क्या मैं canvas a310 को USB other supportable बना सकता हूं

  78. Shashidhar says:

    I followed your instructions but unable to root Nitro A310, kindly advice

  79. I can’t understand Hindi. Can you explain in English please?

  80. Kishan Thakrar says:

    Hello sir,
    After rooting my device(A310) can support OTG??

  81. AL-Zeehan Sheikh says:

    can we move app to ext sd card in canvas nitro without rooting…pls help me bro

  82. Yes we can. Use the App2SD Android app!

  83. ADITYA JHA says:

    i have micromax A310 i have all-ready deleted my phone memory data by mistake. for recovering the deleted data i need device connect with pc as removable storage but it connect as a portable device.
    for connect as a removable storage i go for device as a rooted device.
    plz tell me if i root the device; that data is all-ready deleted that data recovering is possible or not if not possible plz give me suggestion how i recover the deleted data in my device.
    device name is micromax a310

  84. Dude I’m unable to root canvas nitro with kingoroot 1.3.5 it’s showing connected but not showing my device name. Instead it’s showing normal mode. Pls help ASAP.

  85. Install USB drivers and redo the process. You will be able to see your device name listed in the Kingo Root.

  86. I did what you said but it yielded no good. This time it showed”Device ID() Not Supported”. I’ve installed the driver provided on this website under the Micromax USB drivers page. Pls help.

  87. Ranjith says:

    I was unable to take back up of my phone’s stock rom..
    Can any one help

  88. hii…
    i have micromax nitro a310,i have tried to root it (kingo root) but it shows success but su dosnt install,lateral i have install it from google market but it show no binnary su install.and i counlt root it again but it failed,plz help me to get this out,plz reply me as soon as possible………………

  89. If u want to root canvas nitro a310/a311 first download kingoroot also the drivers for micromax mobile
    other micromax drivers supports too if not then use MOBOROBO softwear and after installing launch it when it starts (internet connection necessary) downloads automatically the drivers needed
    now while rooting through kingoroot it is necessary to have active internet connection (remember it).
    and sometimes if mobile is rooted and Do not showing supersu app then download the supersu app from playstore install it open it it shows some errors then now without uninstalling this supersu again root it through kingoroot hope u solved ur problem

  90. srry sathish i answered it becouse u not giving proper answer to it.srry again if feel bad

  91. Hi,

    There is nothing wrong in answering user queries. I am really glad you have done it. If possible, please answer to some other user queries from time to time. That will be really helpful.

  92. first of all dwnld “root check” frm play store and see if ur phone is rooted or not ….. if not use kingroot, it will install kinguser ( works the same).

  93. How so i move apps to sd card in canvas nitro?? Please help

  94. Sathish says:

    Use Apps2SD android application.

  95. no it is not possible to move apps from internal to sd in canvas nitroa310/311 according to company they had given enough space for apps through internal
    and if possible plz give me info.
    becouse according my knowledge this answer is correct

  96. Dear.. .. Previously i had rooted my a310 nitro with number of apps… . But after os updating from micromax service center i am unable to root via any app…. All are saying ur device is not rootable.. … nither kinguser nor super su.. . Or any other app… Plz give proper idea.. .

  97. Santhosh says:

    What is the use of micromax drivers and where is should be installed, werather in pc or in mobile

  98. The Micromax drivers helps your phone to connect with computer successfully. It should be installed in PC.

  99. Hi Satish,
    I just want to know that why the kingroot is downloading files for rooting .. You said internet is not necessary but it is still downloading and if A310 not get rooted then what to do…. Will I not be able to use my device again?

  100. Can u post a tutorial on how to unroot A310 for warranty purposes plz..

  101. Narayana J says:

    Hi Sathish,

    Followed your instructions to the dot. Thanks very much for the guide. However, KingoRoot finally said Root Failed and asked me to leave my email ID so they can communicate when support arrives.

    Anything else I can do to root? Many thanks in advance!

  102. Narayana J says:

    Forgot to mention, trying to root Micromax A310.

  103. Narayana J says:

    Tried again, this time after switching off “App permissions” in the “Security” settings, and the rooting succeded!

    Thanks again, Sathish!

  104. Glad to hear that!

  105. Hi,

    Rooting won’t cause any trouble to the device. So don’t worry about anything. Just root it and enjoy the root privileges.

  106. Dhruvesh patel says:

    root checker says root access is not properly installed also TWRP says root required also kingouser is not working

    so my phone is rooted or not??

  107. RITIK DIXIT says:

    There is no optionto root when I connect my phone it just says disconnect your device manually in kingroot

  108. Ratnam says:

    Hi Satheesh
    I have Micromax canvas nitro A310. When I conntect to my pc I am unable to see my video files eventhough it is connected as media device. But I am able to see and download the pictures to my pc.
    Can help me how to set this?

  109. Ratnam says:

    Hi Satheesh
    how to connect the usb as media device and download the data

  110. Sathish says:

    Enable USB debugging mode and reconnect your smartphone with the computer.

  111. Sachin Raina says:

    Sir, I rooted my phone through kingo root app and I saw some options getting unlocked in developer option. But when I open mobile uncle tool that’s showing that device is not rooted and also I am not able to create binary in superSu app.Please suggest me on this matter.

  112. himanshu says:

    root king is asking for net connection
    its also not able to find my device
    help me plzzz

  113. Sathish says:

    In that case, you will need to install ADB drivers and then try with Kingo Root.

  114. Sathish says:

    Check using Root Checker app. If it says that your device is rooted, then it is rooted.

  115. if without internet root not succide conect internet to pc/lap and then try again this time root will succide 100%.
    and remember to download and install adb drivers+ the movile drivets( specific for each) .
    otherwise downliad kingroot apk it can root mobile temporary (t.e. root will lost after reboot) try it also

  116. Nilpaban says:

    When using kingoroot .. With my Micromax Canvas Nitro A311 it stucks on checking usb connection and root fails evrytym… Nd i have already installed adb driver in my pc.. Help me plz sir

  117. farid kadri says:

    are yaar root karne se kya hota pls pls batao

  118. Sathish says:

    Please explain in English!

  119. Is Internet required for rooting?

  120. Sathish says:

    Nope, there is absolutely no need for Internet connection!

  121. Where to find debugging option… it’s not showing on my canvas Nitro a310????

  122. ansh gangwar says:

    actually i have uninstall some app in my nitro and they r asking for root permissions ….what to do?

  123. Sathish says:

    Grant them. Don’t worry about providing root permissions for known apps.

  124. Sathish says:
  125. i tried but my device wont connect ,, please help

  126. Sathish says:

    Install USB drivers and try again!

  127. Prashant says:

    does kingoroot needs internet for rooting a device

  128. Sathish says:

    Nope, kingoroot doesn’t need internet.

  129. root successful but when i check it with root checker says not rooted
    please help


    I want to update my nitro A310 to lollipop.. kindly advice me..i want tutorial please

  131. Sathish says:


    I will provide a working tutorial for your device shortly.

  132. No, it needs internet. When I connect my phone and open kingoroot app (without internet connection) where it shows the device name after it shows unsupported device but as I connect to internet it shows normal mode instead of unsupported device.

  133. Sir i have rooted my canvas nitro by kingo root and it successful rooted but it shiw proper root access is not installed by root checker app what i do

  134. vairamuthu says:

    I can see setting and security but cannot see developer setting

  135. Sathish says:

    Go to About Phone and tap on the build number for 7 times to enable Developer Options.

  136. Sathish says:

    If you can see Kinguser app, then your device is successfully rooted. Don’t worry about what the root checker app says.

  137. Can u please explain how to install drivers manually. I need to root my phone.

  138. Download your device driver from here: and click on the installer.exe to install the driver.

  139. Mohit Agarwal says:

    Hi, to root MMX On Nitro 310 just download kingroot apk. Remember kingroot, not kingoroot. Download and install the apk. Latest version is 4.01 I think. Run the app. Press on green button and your phone will be rooted. No need to install anything on your PC. MMX Nitro can only be rooted successfully via this method. Others might give you error while installing ROMs. I’ve MMX Nitro rooted and with extreme vanilla V4 ROM.

  140. Rooting was successful but check it with root checking app it says phone not rooted..
    Tried many times but still don’t work..
    Help please…

  141. Sathish says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  142. SANTOSH says:


  143. Hi,

    I will provide a working rooting tutorial for your device shortly.

  144. i have micromax A310 i have all-ready deleted my phone memory data by mistake. for recovering the deleted data i need device connect with pc as removable storage but it connect as a portable device.
    for connect as a removable storage i go for device as a rooted device.
    plz tell me if i root the device; that data is all-ready deleted that data recovering is possible or not if not possible plz give me suggestion how i recover the deleted data in my device.
    device name is micromax a310

  145. after rooting in my play store not working properly downloading problem coming please resolve if possible .

  146. Naresh ,
    After rooting i think u used hacking methods which r on googke like market enabler,freedom apps or others thats why ur play store not working
    Then try to do what im saying now,
    1) First download root explorer or other like ES explorer install it.
    2) open root explore click on upper sideb option where it says internal storage can be changed
    3) then find etc(name of folder) folder/directory then click on hosts file now open it (by granting root request if asks) then u will find something number like localhost xxxxxxxx
    At that place of xxxxxxxx remove it that is clear it and save it (only xxxxxxx) then restart it u will find that ur playstore working
    Hope ur problem resolved

  147. Sathish says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  148. PANKAJ Kumar says:

    Sir i have Spice Mi-506(Kitkat 4.2.2). Originally it was JellyBean and I have rooted this before. But after updating it to Kitkat it can’t be root by any of the methods. Plz suggest me some methods for root my device. I have already tried Framaroot, Kingroot, Towelroot, Kingoroot, etc..

  149. Sathish says:
  150. i have micromax A310 i have all-ready deleted my phone memory data by mistake. for recovering the deleted data i need device connect with pc as removable storage but it connect as a portable device.
    for connect as a removable storage i go for device as a rooted device.
    plz tell me if i root the device; that data is all-ready deleted that data recovering is possible or not if not possible plz give me suggestion how i recover the deleted data in my device.
    If i root the device what will happen. what is the use of rooting

  151. Hi sathish,
    Please let me know one thing, to install device drivers in Windows 7, Internet connection is required or not?
    Please reply me.

  152. Sathish says:

    To install USB drivers you don’t need internet connection at all. Just download it from here and then install it!

  153. Hi sathish, I tried to root my micromax A310 mobile with kingo root application. But it got failed. getting error “unsupported device”
    Please help me to root this device

  154. Abhay Kiran says:

    Hello sir. I rooted my micromax nitros a310 but i am unable to use Android id changer.what to do plz tell.

  155. Deb kumar Das says:

    I have rooted my canvas nitro successfully. But I can neither connect my pendrive through otg cable nor move aps to sd card. I tried to connect otg pendrive through usb otg helper aps and stick mount aps but both failed to mount my pendrive. Link2sd aps failed to move aps to sd card. But I successfully uninstalled the aps which were uninstallable previously. Sir please tell me how I can connect otg pendrive to my canvas nitro and move aps to sd card. Root checker says my phone has been rooted.

  156. Hi sathish,

    I tried to root my micromax A310 mobile with kingo root application. But it got failed. getting error “unsupported device”
    Please help me to root this device