How To Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer

Sony Xperia C is one of the best Android smartphones in the market. It comes with 5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen powered display, Cortex-A7 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor supported by 1 GB RAM and it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. The device also has a 8 mega pixel primary camera that can pictures and video in HD. All in all if you are looking for a smartphone in a smart budget, Sony Xperia C will be the best bet.

If you own this device and would like to root it for gaining root privileges (which will help you install Android apps which only supports rooted devices. Also you can install custom Android ROM’s when your device is rooted), then you check out our tutorial given below:

How To Root Sony Xperia C (C2305)

But, if you don’t have a computer and if you still want to root your device, then you are in the right place. Here, I have given an easy tutorial to root Sony Xperia C smartphones using Framaroot .apk file without the need of a PC.

CAUTION: Rooting your Sony device will void it’s warranty and you won’t be able to claim it, if your device encounters processor or display issues. So think well before following this procedure.

Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer

Prerequisites To Root Sony Xperia C:

1) The rooting process that I have given here is not a data-loss process. So, there is absolutely no need to take backup of personal data.

2) Since Framaroot app is not approved by Google, you have to download and install it separately (the download link is given below). For that, you have to enable “Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources” by following this path: Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources (mark it).

Once you have done these prerequisites, you can move on to the main rooting tutorial.

How To Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer:

1) To start the rooting process, you will need framaroot. You can get the apk file here. Download it to your smartphone and once the download gets completed, tap on the .apk file to get it installed.

2) Once installed, open up the “Framaroot” app and click on the first option which would be “Boromir“. The rooting process will begin.

3) Once the rooting gets completed, you will get a One Note pop up stating “Super SU Binary Installed.” Tap “Ok“.

4) Now to finish, restart your device.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Sony Xperia C smartphone without a computer. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, drop in a comment below.

97 thoughts on “How To Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer

  1. Thanx a lot..the post was really helpful..
    Can u plz help on how to install cyanogen mod 11 (kitkat 4.4.3) on xperia c

  2. i hv dnloaded multi window manager…
    but its nt working pls suggest me..
    i hv rooted my phn also
    xperia c2305

  3. i have an xperia c with less internal storage
    does rooting solve the problem to this. i mean, is the phone going recognize the external memory as default.
    or do i have to do another procedure for that.

  4. Hi sathish ,
    Just now i rooted my xperia c (without using computer ) , but i am unable to remove the system apps and not able to move it to SD card , can u help me.

  5. I am not sure. I don’t think that there is a ROM available for Xperia C based on KitKat. But I will let you know.

  6. My xperia c is rooted and i want to change the toutch sound
    Can you tell me the steps ??

  7. Followed all steps! Still phone is not allowing to either move any app to sd card or delete them! These are the apps that were already installed in the phone when I bought it. I rooted to get more internal memory! What to do???

  8. I have facing the problem with its storage can u help me plzz
    Still phone is not allowing to either move any app to sd card or delete them! These are the apps that were already installed in the phone when I bought it. I rooted to get more internal memory! What can I do plzz reply on my email id
    That is

  9. installed flamaroot and superSU. but still i cant delete preinstalled apps. so what should i do now???

  10. Hello Satish,

    I had Sony Xperia C 2305. i did rooting thru “Framaroot”. Then rebooted the system and downloaded root checker to see either it rooted or not. found the eror is “This device does not have root access”? what does it mean? how to resolve it? appreciated ur help.


  11. Root checker is having some problem these days. So don’t worry about what it says.

  12. hello satish sir,
    i hv sony Xperia SL (LT26II). i tried these procedure using framaroot but it says failed to root my device, plz help me to root my device.

  13. Hi,

    I am not able to root my Xperia C phone with above instruction. My phone is updated to Build 2.16. i have tried both instruction. With framaroot it throwing error root failed. and with SJRoot software my phone gets restarted after 15 %. Please suggest me here.

  14. I did all the procedures ,and reboot it as well. But it still wont let me move built in apps to SD card. Please help. Please

  15. Hi Please somebody help me:

    I have done factory reset in my Xperia C and after I have done that I couldn’t add my gmail account. So I am unable to use play store, whatsapp and other applications but facebook works normally.

    When I try to give my existing gmail id by using Wi Fi connection, it says ” Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, caal customer care”.

  16. I want to know that if we can root a phone without pc, then why are the most tutorials showing only pc method? are u sure that rooting without pc gives the same root access that is given by the pc method?

  17. I have rooted my mobile. But accidentally deleted facebook from kinguser. but now its not allowing me to install it again. Please help.

  18. Which apk file i have to download for Xperia C, Please suggest, in the same link there a number of files…

  19. I WANT TO ROOT My Xperia c2305

    but have doubt that after rooting my,phone will my phone. Get broken

    and also will.I be able to upgrade my OS to Kitkat or lollipop. If yes then how

  20. Hi,

    Rooting won’t break your device. And yes, after rooting you will be able to upgrade to KitKat using custom ROM’s.

  21. Just now i rooted my xperia c (without using computer ) , but i am unable to remove the system apps and not able to move it to SD card , can u help me.

  22. when ever i play any game it will auto pause,when ever i use my keepad it automatically goes down
    so plez give me solution for this problem

  23. Hi sathish

    I rooted my phone as the process which u have given using framaroot to uninstall few inbuilt apps also to connect 1tb Seagate hdd.
    But however hdd not worked as I told u before, but I uninstalled f.b and hangout apps (inbuilt apps) after that I again unrooted my phone, but my phone is not getting unrooted. So I again tried rooting and unrooting using framaroot, but still after again rooting and unrooting there is no change , root checker is showing “sorry, root access is not properly installed in this device”(in both case’s). So as u told framaroot have no command over hard reset I formatted my phone twice through setting and also using hard buttons(power button+volume down keys and selected wipe option) but still I unable to fix my phone. Still root checker showing ” sorry root access is not properly installed in this device”. Can I root my phone using pc?
    please I request you to suggest me what to do and don’ts. How could I make my phone normal.

  24. I think your phone is working properly except the root privileges. So, don’t worry about anything. Just leave it as it is.

  25. Hai satish
    I rooted my xperia c games,videos,youtube aee auto pausing.and lucky patcher is not working so iam unable to hack the games plez give me solution

  26. Not working, it says superuser installed, reboot ur device, bt nothing is happening

  27. Hi, i could not find rooting software for Sony xperia C. can you help. How do i do from phone directly. for framaroot do i need to look for the app on play store>
    also while rooting the phone do i lose my data too ??

  28. Hi,

    Framaroot can be downloaded from our resources page. You can’t get it from Google Play store. Also, you won’t lose any data when you use framaroot.

  29. Which means your device isn’t rooted properly. Redo the process to root your device successfully.

  30. Nothing will happen after installing framaroot.apk. But, if you want to root your device then open the app and follow the instructions given here.

  31. Unknown fyl type…
    The root apk file for xperia c is showing unknown file type

  32. Thnx my fon is rooted

    And then mujhe iski aaplication memory increase krni hai…xperia c

  33. Hi Sathish,

    I have installed .apk file and framaroot , but still application not installed in SD card.
    I have followed the all four steps.

    could you give me?


  34. I heared that while rooting android may bRick or freeze.,,is it in the case of Xperia c,..shd I root without pc.,,,wld it support ps game controller…,,plzzz reply for this

  35. Rooting file that u said in above I hd download that bt its nt opening.
    I wnts to root my Xperia-C

  36. Hi sir
    My Xperia c install frameroot but superuser not install
    (Su binary install update failed) what changes I have to do for removing this???

  37. Uninstall the app (framaroot has that option) and retry from Step 1.

  38. Hlo sir,
    I hve downloaded .apk file and had also installd it on my phn..but still while accessing app it says u need to root ur device..wat shuld I do ?

  39. i have rooted sony xperia c by this advice, but i cannot see any changes into my phone…why??

  40. If this root creat any negative effect on my xperia c, like some of the features/app dont run properly.

  41. Please bud I need help. I’m a Xperia C user but I’m not able to root it! I did the process but still not rooted properly. If you don’t mind plez message me on whatsapp – 8719861646