How To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Android Phone

Xiaomi Mi4 is the new flagship Android smartphone from the Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi. The device comes with 5 inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen display powered by a 2.5 GHz Dual-core processor and it runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat Firmware with MIUI ROM. It also features a 3080 mAh non removable battery, 13 Mega Pixel rear view camera with dual-LED Flash support and a 8 Mega Pixel Secondary Camera for talking high-quality selfies. If you would want to get a high-end smartphone at a good budget, then this device is the best choice.

If you already own this device and interested to root it, for enjoying all the features of your smartphone or for installing rooted apps, then you are in the right place. Here, I have given a tutorial with step-by-step instructions to root your Xiaomi Mi4 device.

WARNING: Rooting your Mi4 smartphone will void its warranty. Also, if you don’t follow the procedure properly, your device might get bricked. So, if anything happens to your device, don’t held me responsible. Proceed at your OWN risk.

Root Xiaomi Mi4

Prerequisites To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone:

  1. First, you have to download and install the Xiaomi Mi Phone manager in your computer (it will install the required USB drivers), so that you can connect your Smartphone with the computer.
  2. Keep your device fully charged to perform this rooting process. If your smartphone gets switched off during the rooting process, it will get bricked.

After finishing these prerequisites, you can proceed with the following rooting tutorial.

Tutorial To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Android Device:

  1. To get started, you have to download developer ROM directly to your smartphone Internal memory and then rename it into the “zip”.
  2. Now, open the Updater app on your device and select “Reboot to recovery mode”. After entering into the recovery menu, your device touchscreen will not work. Don’t worry about that as you can use Volume buttons (Up & Down) and then power button simultaneously to select and choose the options.
  3. In the main window of recovery mode, few language names will appear. In that, choose “English” language to continue.
  4. Next go to “Wipe and reset” option and then choose “Wipe Cache”.
  5. Once done, you can install the Developer ROM by selecting the “Install zip system one” option and by choosing the file.
  6. Once it is done, your Smartphone will get rebooted.
  7. Now, open “Security” app, go to “Permissions” and enable “Root Permission“.

That’s it. Now your Xiaomi Mi4 phone has been successfully rooted.

If you encounter any problems while following this tutorial, do let me know using the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “How To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Android Phone

  1. Hi Sathish,
    Thanks for explaining it in such a simple way.
    From a friend visiting China, I got one Mi 4 for use in India.
    Being fully made for China, it is heavily in MiUi based apps, market place etc lacking Google’s ecosystem.
    So after google search, I reaslised, I have to first install, Google Installer and then go on installing Google based apps.

    I used happily for a week, could download the apps through Google Play.

    However, in between, suddenly, the phone would not allow Google Play to open. If I un-install and try to reinstall through Google Installer, it would not allow any download. It would start and pause indefinitely.
    Some changes in Security Permission, Mi Account log in log off, somehow I could install Google Play. But beyond that, Google Play could not install any other app,

    Is there a way I can restore the phone to basic Android and not MiUi6 based OS.

    Please advise.



  2. Hi Kiran, I think that you can install cyanogenMOD based ROM in your device to enjoy the Google’s stock Android benefits. I will try it on my device and will post a tutorial here very soon!

  3. Thanks Sathish,
    One more doubt.

    rename it into the “zip”. is it just zip or as mentioned in Step-5

  4. I have followed this process but after this, I have come across two problems.

    1. The option saying “Root access” shows up below the Permissions option but does not have the “enable” option
    2. When I tap on “Play Store” to open it, it shuts down immediately

  5. Once these steps are completed the only real place you will see the Android application so long as use is with your Android OS application drawer. It will take up no resources and you will essentially forget about it as if it was removed.

  6. Hai… im using xiaomi mi4… my phone now i cant make any voice messege in what apps…. can u help me?

  7. Hi Satish,

    I was using a Nexus 4 and used Helium to backup my apps on google drive. Now when I try using the Helium app on desktop to restore and sync, it does not detecting my phone. I was told that I need to root the phone. I tried the process you mentioned above – 1. install failed! error applying update. 2. I do not see under permissions – root permissions. Please help.

    Or is there a simpler way to restore my apps

  8. Hi,

    Your problem is totally new. I haven’t heard anything like this before. I will try and find a solution for you shortly.

  9. hi i am tried so much time to install developer rom in my mi4 by ur given method but every time there is a message that there is no file even i rename it but it not work on my version so what i have to do

  10. HI THERE
    i bought xiaomi mi4 just for testing it.
    i see theres a developer rom under china region and not global .
    can we flash it on an mi4 indian version
    and if yes does it affect the phone in a way or two apart from just rooting it ?