How To Install Stock ROM Firmware On Moto E Smartphone

Are you using Motorola Moto E? Have you rooted the device? Have you installed any custom ROM’s in it? Are you not satisfied with the ROM features or are you stuck with a bricked Moto E device? Well, don’t worry. By following the tutorial given here, you will be able to install Stock ROM firmware on Moto E Android smartphone.

WARNING: The following procedure has worked for me and I was able to install stock ROM firmware on my device. But, I can’t guarantee the same to you. Also, if you device encounters any problems while following this tutorial don’t held me responsible. Proceed at your OWN will.


Install Stock ROM Firmware On Moto E

1) The following procedure is a data-loss process which means you will lose all the data in your device. So, unless your phone is bricked, take complete backup of personal data from your Moto E smartphone using appropriate apps.

2) The ROM installation process is time-consuming and if you don’t have enough battery, don’t carry out this procedure. Charge your device fully before getting started with this process.

3) Make sure that you have Motorola USB drivers installed in your computer, so that you can connect your smartphone with it.

Upon finishing these prerequisites, you can move on to tutorial given below.

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Tutorial To Install Stock ROM Firmware On Moto E:

1) To get started, download the stock Firmware based on your device’s version from here to your computer. Once download, extract it into a folder. Now download mfastboot package and extract it contents to the same folder where the firmware files are extracted.

2) Now switch off your device and boot into bootloader by pressing the Volume Down and Power Button. Once done, connect your device to the computer using the Original USB data cable.

3) Next, go to the folder where both mfastboot and stock ROM firmware files are available and open Command prompt. (Press Shift and Right Click on an empty space in folder and select “Open a command window here“.)

4) Now enter the following commands step by step.

Step 1:

mfastboot.exe oem lock begin

Step 2:

mfastboot.exe flash partition gpt.bin
mfastboot.exe flash motoboot motoboot.img
mfastboot.exe flash logo logo.bin
mfastboot.exe flash boot boot.img
mfastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img
mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
mfastboot.exe flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
mfastboot.exe erase modemst1
mfastboot.exe erase modemst2
mfastboot.exe flash fsg fsg.mbn
mfastboot.exe erase cache
mfastboot.exe erase userdata

Step 3:

mfastboot.exe oem lock

Step 4:

mfastboot.exe reboot

5) Now your device will normally boot into the Stock ROM Firmware.

That’s it. Now you have successfully installed Stock ROM firmware on Moto E Android device. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, do let me know via comments.


  1. siddhant chauhan says:

    i have downloaded kitkat stock firmware file and i have lollipop in my phone…………., are you sure that this above method can also be used to install kitkat in my phone…………………….plz reply……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes I am pretty sure about it.

  3. Please tell me that where can i get the stock factory firmware kit kat for moto e indian version.. And also tell me the url to the page but u check that url first
    please somebody help me soon..

  4. Follow the URL given in this page. You will be able to get it!

  5. Dear friend,
    I have installed android 5.0.2 soak test update on my moto e. My mobile is not rooted. Can i flash stock rom to go back on kitkat

  6. Sathish says:

    Yes, you can do that by following the tutorial given here.

  7. I have routed my Moto G and installed TWRP team win software.. By mistake i have wipe out my cash and other delvic memory by mistake… Now my phone is not booting and it is showing WARNING BOOTLOADER UNLOCK. again and again.. i try to flash recovery.img file but it says mismatched partition size… during flushing.. Factory reset is also not working…
    I try to to this command in ADB FOLDER : ADB DEVICES.. but it is not showing device name here.. although when i install recovery.img by fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.. it is loading recovery file but partition mismatch shown… and stuckk.. can yo please share your skype id ; mine is manoj.mathur12

    Please tel me the right way to get my phone back or tel me the steps to get back to my previous stage…

  8. Bro my moto e was rooted
    But in a verge of downloading lollipop and extreme level of impatience
    I wiped everything from my phone
    In twrp I went to wipe
    Advance wipe
    Marked all the available option and wiped everything without any backup
    So now I have lost stock ROM provided by the company and I tried various stock ROM for condor the official only but one it showed zip file is corrupted in others it showed error flashing zip file !!! Plz help bro what to do now is there anyway I can get my moto e back to normal , I m hopeless plz help !

  9. Naming I had same problem
    But successfully resolved it

  10. I have a rooted moto.. Will installing the custom ROM of lollipop or soak test file of lollipop will be better

  11. Sathish says:

    It is entirely up to you. Both will work fine!

  12. After adding a custom ROM I am not able to use rooted apps.. Any solution to this ???

  13. Sathish says:

    Which custom ROM have you flashed in your device?

  14. Sandeep G burud says:

    Bro my moto e was rooted
    But in a verge of downloading lollipop and extreme level of impatience
    I wiped everything from my phone
    In twrp I went to wipe
    Advance wipe
    Marked all the available option and wiped everything without any backup
    So now I have lost stock ROM provided by the company and I tried various stock ROM for condor the official only but one it showed zip file is corrupted in others it showed error flashing zip file !!! Plz help bro what to do now is there anyway I can get my moto e back to normal , I m hopeless plz help !

    Sandeep G Burud

  15. CyanogenMod 12.1

  16. getting
    target max-sparse-size: 256MB
    error: cannot load ‘motoboot.img’: No error
    while flashing

  17. Tysm tysm both to android root guide and XDA developers ….
    I have mentioned my issue above long back but recently I came to know that for my condor model stock ROM it showed error flashing
    The reason for that was it was error only in twrp 2.8.something
    But when I tried in twrp version it was butter I m truly obliged for help from both teams
    And learnt a lesson never hasten !!
    Now I will peacefully wait for the ota android l and if that doesn’t occur I am satisfied with KitKat !!!!

  18. Benjamin Prajwal says:

    i tried the process but after i type it just shows waiting for device …nothing else comes on.. what do i do??

  19. Sathish says:

    Disconnect your device, install USB drivers of your device in the computer and then try!

  20. abhishek says:

    I rooted my moto e and installed cm12, it worked fine till few hours and after that my device started rebooting and showing android is starting it happen for around few hours and after that its only showing boot logo of cm and not getting start , I tried entering into recovery mode nut that too is only flashing and not getting start is there any way to have my phone back

  21. How to remove twrp and install stock recovery in moto e ?

  22. How to install stock recovery in moto e. I have installed twrp

  23. Flash the Stock ROM. You will get the stock recovery back with it.

  24. Flash Stock ROM firmware by following the tutorial given here.

  25. abhishek says:

    i tried downloading the moto e firmware but i was not able to download, can u pls share me the link on my email-

    i installed cm 12 and now its only showing the cm logo and not getting started and when i try to use recovery mode it just blinks the screen showing teamwin name and nothing else,
    i even went ti service centre but they said i have to change my motherboard, anyone if can help pls help me reset my deveice

  26. Sathish says:

    Sure, I will share the direct link for Moto E stock ROM shortly.

  27. Benjamin Prajwal says:

    i downloaded the usb drivers and connected my moto e but the phone just charges .. there is no response either from the laptop or my phone … i am presentl using blisspop v2 and i am unable to use any google app or any other app other than the default ones . please help me get out of this problem.

  28. abhishek soni says:

    can i flash cm 12 rom by the procedure mention above as i cant find the original rom, will these commonds will work for cm 12 too, help me pls

  29. Abhishek Soni says:

    sir u were about to send me the direct link to download the rom, pls send it asap

  30. I want to unlock the bootloder of my moto e ,and someone told me that after unlocking the bootloader the device will not start untill i ll flash stock it true

  31. abhishek says:

    I have download the rom but when I am flashing it the cmd promot is showing waiting for deveice

  32. Sandeep G Burud says:

    Dual sim not working !!! In which custom room is it working??? Please reply

  33. Sathish says:

    You will have to install ADB drivers first. Download and install them from here:

  34. it shows waiting for devices

  35. Install USB drivers and then try again!

  36. abhishek says:

    same probwith me evn after installing usb drivers

  37. Abhey Saini says:

    Can I flash this stock ROM using CWM

  38. Nope, you can’t flash it via CWM!

  39. do u have any solution for cache partition. last night my moto e got stuck at the boot screen and didn’t went any further. i tried to install the custom rom in it (i was using lollipop) but got several errors and when i tried to wipe the cache or factory reset from recovery i got errors again.
    this time i got errors:
    e:can’t mount /cache/recovery/ last_log
    e:can’t open/ cache/recovery/last_log
    e:can’t mount/cache recovery/ log ….
    ……..and a list of errors.
    don’t know what to do .. please help me …

  40. i will do for same process but reboot after i will come for lollipop same think come so what i do and solve this problem and how to down grade lollipop to kikate plz fast bro

  41. Amit KUmar says:

    when i try to do this my phone says failed, hab check failed for boot, hab check failed for recovery. and my phone is not starting now

  42. Amit KUmar says:

    bro can you help me out, i rooted my moto e and used kitkat without any problem. then i wanted to use lollipo so i downloaded a zip file and flashed it using the twrp teamwin recovery but the zip was corrupt. now my phone wont start, it’s showing warning bootloader unlocked again and again. i tried a few things even the method listed above but it only worsened the situation, can you tell me what to do

  43. sathish says:

    i try to downgrade lollipop to kitkat, nothing will happen, during the process “Invalid PIV system image” error message is displayed on mobile screen. after reboot, no kitkat, only lollipop, its unrooted device, unboot loader

  44. abhishek soni says:

    i installed the stock rom and after installig 4.4.2 i receiced ota 4.4.4 while updating from ota i got off and its not starting after that. i think it got hard bricked can u help me out

  45. Allan Bastian says:

    Is it possible for me to install 5.0.2 soak OTA via this method?
    I’m running on a custom ROM called AICP
    Was thinking of going back to stock ROM