How To Root Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Without PC/Laptop

Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 is the successor of Micromax XL A119 Android smartphone, and it is available for a decent price in the market. The device comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with a 1GB RAM supporting 5.5-inch qHD IPS display. The camera is 5 mega pixel and the XL2 A109 runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. If you are looking for a budget Android device, this will be an ideal choice.

If you have purchased this device and would like to upgrade its firmware to Android Lollipop or if you would like to uninstall the bloat wares which comes with this device, then you are in the right place. Here, I have given a step by step tutorial to root Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 without PC or Laptop, which will let you do the above mentioned functions.

WARNING: Rooting your Micromax device will void it’s warranty. Also, sometimes your device might get bricked or get into trouble by following the procedure given below. So, proceed at your OWN wish.


1) Since we are going to root the Micromax device by installing a custom Android app, you will need to enable “Installation From Unknown Sources” in your device. You can do that by following this path: Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources.

2) Next, make sure that you don’t have any antivirus applications installed on your device as it will cause trouble while download and installing the rooting application.

Once you finish these steps, you can proceed to the next phase of the tutorial.

Tutorial To Root Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Without PC/Laptop:

1) To get started, download Framaroot apk to your Micromax device. Once done, install it on your device. You will get a warning message while installing. Just ignore it and finish installing the app.

2) Once the app is installed, open the framaroot application and select the “Install SuperSU” option.

3) Now select “Boromir” option as shown in the screen below and take a break. The framaroot application will do all the necessary things and will get your device rooted. Once the rooting process is successfully finished, your device will get automatically rebooted.

4) Now look for SuperSU app in the app drawer for confirmation of rooting. You can also use the “Root Checker” app to confirm your device’s rooting privileges.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Android smartphone. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial or if you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, do let me know via the comments section below.

47 thoughts on “How To Root Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Without PC/Laptop

  1. Hello sir.. I tried framaroot on my micromax xl2 109 but always get error #9. Pls helpppppppppp…….

  2. Use (kingroot) app to root ur canvas xl2 it has chinease language so dont worry.. but i tried to root my canvas xl 2 but it is useless to root bcoz nothing was able to increase my phone memory…. so dont root it

  3. This blog is totally bekar just go framaroot website and see compatibility phones not mentioned xl2 there ..plz dont make ur phone brick ….blogger should know not to provide wrong info without testing as phones are purchased by hard earned money …

  4. hi man please hlp me can app be moved on to sd card i know fb and whatsapp these cant be moved what about the games and the other third party stuff

  5. Hi Sonu,

    I understand your frustration but I have tested it on my device before posting it here. And also concerning bricking, using framaroot won’t brick your device and I know the value of hard earned money man.

  6. Hey I have tried rooting it using all the tools even I tried by using mtk droid tools but still I’m not able to root my micromaxx a109 and you said it can be done using framaroot but nothing is working all error messages

  7. Have you used Kingo Android Root Kit? It might work. When I tried with framaroot, it worked for me but it seems the exploit has been fixed by Micromax!

  8. internal storage is too low,how can i move tha apps to sd card?
    app2sd will work for it ??

  9. Framaroot download Kiya or install Kiya aur open Kiya bromiar pe cleck Kiya to error dikha ra plzzzzzzz help me sir give the information

  10. Don’t root it coz it is useless to root, ND no way is to increase your phone memory

  11. If u want to root canvas xl 2 then download kingroot,,, go to google and search for kingroot it should be in Chinese language, download it,, ur phone will root,,, but rooting canvas xl 2 is useless….

  12. Hi,
    . . . I just want to know about. How to work screen video recording on my phone… With out root…

  13. Hi,
    . . . I’m root(kingroot) Micromax canvas xl 2 but,,, I want to unroot my phone…. Is possible or if possible then tell how I can unroot my phone……. Any harmful to my phone if I unroot my phone…… Tell me sir…..

  14. Unrooting your device won’t cause any issues at all. If you have used kingoroot to root your device, open the same app and click on unroot option given in it to unroot your device.

  15. There are plenty of apps available for that purpose. Look in the Google Play store.

  16. Hi Satish,
    Whenever i am trying to update any application in my phone ,i am getting insufficient space in your phone memory,eventhough i have selected option SD CARD,,,,,,I think MICROMAX CANVAS XL2 A109 is completely useless… i came to know micromax is giving only nice look to the phone but they are not worried about phone features.

    Now u tell me what to do with this phone which is completey wirking like small CDMA pHONE

  17. Downloading games from playstore even not enough space. Can internal memory be increased by swap from SD card.

  18. Hello Sir ,
    Recently my mobile micromax xl2 A109 was not boot just Display on the mobile power ON the time “1/1 modem up down” that message display. can’t boot my mobile. whats happen sir , whats the problem going on, tell me sir.

  19. why rooting the android phone is not prefered
    and why our phone warrenty will be lost

  20. Rooting will give access to your device’s root privileges and if you do anything with it, then your device will get corrupted. That’s the reason rooting is not preferred by newbies.

  21. I tried to root my micromax Canvas xl2 with framaroot but it is giving write message

    I also tried kingroot & root geneuse
    The also it is not rooting
    Please help me to root my micromax Canvas xl2

  22. Sir how to partition my SD on Micromax canavas a109
    As iam not able to partition it
    To use link2sd app

  23. I am novice in use of smartphones. When I try to disable pre-loaded useless Apps [Settings-Apps-All-useless App-Disable] to make space for downloading other useful Apps, message props up on the screen that “IF YOU DISABLE A BUILT-IN APP, OTHER APPS MAY MISBEHAVE.” e. g. Black Hole, Bubbles and so on. What is the solution?

  24. Root your device, use system app remover app and uninstall all the apps which are taking up the space in your device. Nothing wrong will happen.

  25. sir,
    Is there any risk of dead of the phone during the process? ..
    or any other risk?

  26. how to upgrade my micromax canvas a109 to lollipop…

    & can’t be able to install supersu its error #9 plz sir help me out

  27. Lollipop update is not available for your device yet. I will let you know once it is available!