How To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro is a decent Android smartphone which comes with a quality 1 GHz processor powering a 4-inch touchscreen display. The device also comes with a 512 RAM, and it runs of Android Jelly bean operating system. If you are looking for a low-budget Android phone, you should consider this one.

If you have purchased this device and if you don’t feel happy with the device’s performance, then rooting your Galaxy Star Pro device is the best option. In this page, I have given a simple step by step tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 Android device. After rooting your device, you can install custom ROM firmware and get better performance from your smartphone.

WARNING: The procedure I have given below is quite risky and if you don’t follow it properly, you might brick your Samsung device. Also, rooting will void the warranty of your device. If anything occurs to your device and you can’t get it started, don’t held me responsible. Proceed at your OWN will.

Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262


1) The rooting procedure that I have given below might wipe out your personal data. So take the complete backup of contacts, messages, and other important data’s before carrying out this procedure.

2) Download Samsung USB driver of your smartphone and install it in the computer, so that you can connect your device with it.

3) Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging mode in your Samsung smartphone. If you don’t know how to do it, follow this guide.

4) Ensure that your device has a good battery backup. If not, charge your battery fully and then follow the procedure. If you don’t charge your device and if it gets switched off in the middle of the rooting process, your device will surely get bricked.

5) Uninstall or deactivate Antivirus applications in your computer as sometimes they might cause trouble while carrying out the tutorial given below.

Once you have done all these steps, move on to the main tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 Smartphone:

1) To get started, download Galaxy Star Pro rooting kit to your computer. Once done, extract it and save the files in a folder.

2) Next, connect your smartphone to the computer using Original USB data cable and transfer file from the rooting kit to your device’s SD card. Once done, disconnect your device and switch it off.

3) From the rooting kit, install Odin to your computer and run it. Now you have to boot your device into the download mode. To do it, press and hold the Volume Down + Home button + power button simultaneously until you boot into the download mode. You will see a warning triangle. Now, press the volume up button and connect your device to the computer again with the USB data cable.

4) If you have installed the Samsung USB drivers properly, Odin will identify your Samsung device, and you will see “Added” message in the Odin window. Now, click the PDA button and choose the recovery.tar.md5 file from the rooting kit folder.

5) Next, press the “Start” button in the Odin window to start the flashing process. Once the flashing is over, your Samsung device will reboot. Now, look for Green pass message in the Odin window. Once it shows up, you can disconnect your device from the computer.

6) Now you need to boot your device into the recovery mode. To do that, switch off your device and then press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously until your Samsung device boot into the recovery mode.

7) In the recovery screen, choose “Install Zip from SD card” and select the SuperSU zip file (which you have transferred to the SD card in Step 2). Once the installation is over, choose “Reboot system now” and your device will normally boot .

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 Android smartphone. To verify the rooting process, you can install the “Root Checker” app and check for rooting permissions.

Fix White Screen Issue:

When you follow the Step 6 given above, your device will boot into the recovery even if you see the white screen (some users are getting this issue). So by following the key combinations given below, you will able to flash the SuperSU file.

  1. After following Step 6, Press the volume down button just one time and then press the power button.
  2. Now you will be in the “Install Zip from SD Card” menu. So press Power button again to choose the Zip file.
  3. Next, press the Volume Down button two times and after that press the power button for selecting the file.
  4. Now press the Volume down button five times and then press the power button for flashing the zip file.
  5. After finishing the last step, wait for a minute and then remove your battery and reinsert it.

That’s it. Now you have flashed the SuperSu file thereby rooting your Galaxy Star Pro device. If you encounter any other issues while following this tutorial, do let me know via comments.

69 thoughts on “How To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262

  1. There is no option for ‘install zip from sd card”
    There is an option “apply update from adb” doesnt work if press power button there.

    Help me out

  2. plz help me… mobile samsung galaxy gts 7262….was crashed(android softwere) to rooting via odin…..
    now how to repair my android softwere……plz help me…..

  3. You have to download and install stock firmware using Odin. If you don’t know how to do it, wait for my tutorial (I will publish it soon).

  4. How long does it take to go from white wall of death to recoverymode if white wall of death appears after flashing my mobile

  5. here is no option for ‘install zip from sd card”
    There is an option “apply update from adb”
    i was propely instld recovery and recive green message from me

  6. here is no option for ‘install zip from sd card”
    There is an option “apply update from adb” doesnt work if press power button there

  7. after following the instructions for the white screen problem my screen is always turning white even when i do normal power on

  8. hey
    to all
    its trick 100 % work
    but iam find a bug on this trick and its a imortent bug
    when i click choose “pda”
    and select
    its not recovery.tar.md5
    its only ” recovery.tar”
    so plese rename it with ” .md5″ otherwise you cant go the and select ” Install Zip
    from SD Card”
    so please duble check is your file was right name or not …..
    soory for bed english
    yaar admin agr tum indian ho to please maine jo likha hai…use acche se explain kar do..

  9. after rebooting it with volume up key home key and power key there is no option to install it from sdcard

  10. If you have flashed recovery.tar.md5 via Odin, then when you press the above mentioned key combinations, your device will boot into CWM recovery mode and you will see the Install Zip from SD card option.

  11. i installed the recovery.tar file through odin and was able to enter recovery mode but theres no option to install zip from sd
    its showing apply update from adb and other options please help and inbox me the solution

  12. ya i got green pass …bt i am not getting any option like intall zip from sd card

  13. mohit bhai… jo ” recovery.tar” file hai.. usme rename karo ” recovery.tar.md5″ tabhi problme muje bhi hua tha..

  14. i have same problem as prashant…after the pass message appeared in odin…i rebooted my phone i think …then it restarted with only white screen and phone vibrates..lz help me..provide a method step-by-step …please get me out of this

  15. satish are u making us fool plz once u try it in a samsung galaxy star pro phone then you will come to know that your method is not correct please check it for once and update ur post

  16. after using the odin when i press volumeup+lockbutton+homebutton it does not work my phone show nothing so please tell me what cn i do to flash in CWM mode to root my device GT-S7262 galaxy star pro duos

  17. I don’t think that its possible to flash Lollipop on S7262 but I will give it a try and will let you know.

  18. plz clear my confusion
    why should I do these steps to update my phone GT-7262
    if there already an option of SOFTWARE UPDATE is available in settings option in this mobile ..

  19. This procedure is not for software upgrade. This procedure will let you to root your device.

  20. I done all the process properly it only shows white screen only please tell me how to fix it and to get the recovery mode properly

  21. I have given step by step procedure to fix white screen error as well. Follow those steps.

  22. There is no option like “install zip from sd card”. I thing Satish that you are making us fool

  23. If you have flashed the custom recovery given here, then you will be able to see the install option as mentioned in this tutorial. And regarding fooling you, what I am going to gain from fooling you? Think well, before posting such comments.

  24. hey satish after processing the recovery then i’m pressing the three key volume up+home+power button but there was nothing coming till holding to 5-6mins plzz help me for this……!!!how could i root my phone.!!

  25. use kingo root software in pc…. I rooted my s7262 with dis softwar…..widout lossing any data….

  26. here is no option for ‘install zip from sd card”
    There is an option “apply update from adb”
    i propely instld recovery and recive green message from me

  27. hey fzail n satish phone has been rooted bt it was not showing that install zip from sd card.
    what should i doo..!!!

  28. karan deokar kingo soft use kelas ka tu ( did u use the kingo soft)…!!!!

  29. @prasad – no

    @sathish – hey sathish now im facing problem of white screen after step 6 i.e. in recovery mode…
    i followed ur white screen issue steps properly but still my phone is not gettin root…
    plz help….

  30. @Karan download the original stock rom of your phone install it from odin as u do the process for recovery time and instal the stock rom and then again root ur phOne thru kingo soft and the do it all will done…!!!

  31. @ prasad – i already have the firmware S7262XXUANI 1
    will it not work on this without using kingosoft…
    plz suggest any other simpler method…

  32. @ karan- follow this step:
    STEP 1 :
    a:Put Your phone in download Mode by pressing Volume Down +Home+Power key simultaneously.
    b: Press Volume UP when Warning screen appears
    STEP 2:
    a: Extract ODIN307.ZIP and Run Odin 307.exe as Administrator (by right click > Run As> Administrator)
    b: Extract whitefixS7262.rar you will get file BOOTSPL_S7262XXUAMJ3.tar
    c: Connect Phone with PC
    d:Click on PDA select[COLOR=”SeaGreen)”] BOOTSPL_S7262XXUAMJ3.tar [/COLOR]
    e: Click START !!
    f: You will see message PASS !!

    Your Phone WIll Be Rebooted Automatically and whitescreen error will not be occured

    you want to download the file from this link:

  33. after renaming the recovery file and then flashing with Odin also doesn’t help …… still not getting the sd card option and cwm is not written anywhere on recovery screen….

  34. i have problem with recovery option
    it shows only 4 options.
    1. reboot system now
    2. apply update from adb
    3. wipe data/factory reset
    4. wipe cache partition.
    there is no option for install zip from sd.
    plssssss hlp
    its also shows
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_installing
    (code -1)
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_updating
    (code -1)
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_complete
    (code -1)
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_error
    (code -1)
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_complete
    (code -1)
    E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_error
    (code -1)

    #manual mode#
    –appling multi-csc…
    applied the csc-code : INU
    successfully applied multi-csc

    i have used odin and installed recovery.tar.md5
    for rooting..
    i am unable to install from sd
    pls pls help me

  35. u should firstly press power key then volume up then home butten to enter recovery mode

  36. i tried the white screen fix but its not working…….i cant see the supersu on my phone!

  37. I am struck in boot loop while using chain fire in my star pro and i have forgotten to enable USB debugging how to fix it.

  38. @ prasad n sathish :-

    is it good to install kitkat rom on samsung galaxy star pro (rooted) ?

    will it affect my mobiles performance ?

    what are its advantages and disadvantages ?

  39. should i upgrade to kitkat from jellybean on sam
    sung galaxy star pro gt s7262 ?

    how will it affect my cells performance ?

    what are the pros and cons of upgrading to kitkat ?

  40. karan@ no not an issue u can upgrade it…!!!

    1st of all there is no official kitkat version available for samsung galaxy star pro gts7262.

    did ur phone gets in recovery mode.???

    then u can change ur rom for kitkat.

    while doing instal zip from sd card.

  41. after upgrading to kitkat, i hav heard that ram increases ….
    is it really true ?

  42. no it will nothing happen like this ur mobile ram is hardware not an software…!!!

  43. Hey Karan I have rooted glaxy star pro ..
    and u can increase ur ram by “rom increase app ” its a paid app..
    and i have never tried to inrese my phone rom
    agar or koi method pata chle to mujhko bhi batana

  44. @ prasad
    While upgrading to kitkat I faced a serious problem, plz help
    In cwm I got msg that rom has been install
    When reebooted Samsung logo appears n then does not appear anything on screen (black screen)
    Plz help me whst to do ?
    Should I flash it ? Wiil flashinmg will restore my phone as it was earlier ?

  45. just go to setting and disable that app which u r not using or its not usable to u in future that can also help to increase the ram memory..!!!