How To Install Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)

Do you own Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) Android smartphone? Have you rooted your device for installing applications which only supports rooted devices or for installing custom ROM firmware and lost your device warranty? Do you want to get back the warranty? Or have you somehow bricked your device and looking for a way to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone?

If you answer “yes” for any of the above questions, then you are in the right place. Here, I have given a full tutorial to install stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y android smartphone that will help you to get back your device warranty. Also, if you have bricked your device, installing stock firmware will unbrick it, and you can enjoy the stock Android features again.

WARNING: The tutorial given below is only for Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) Android devices. So, do not try it on any other devices or your device might get bricked.

Install Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)


1) Before getting started with this procedure, make sure that you have downloaded Samsung USB drivers based on your smartphone model and installed it in your computer. By doing this, you will be able to connect your smartphone with the computer successfully.

2) Next, if you are going to gain back the warranty, then make sure that you take a complete backup of personal data in your device as installing stock ROM firmware will wipe out all the data. If you have bricked your device, then you don’t worry about this step.

3) Make sure that you have uninstalled or deactivated antivirus applications in your computer, so that it won’t cause any trouble while carrying out this procedure.

4) Ensure that the backup battery level of your smartphone is above 70%, so that you can carry out the stock ROM firmware installation process without any power issues.

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Required Files:

1) Stock ROM Firmware For Galaxy Y:

a) European Firmware
b) Indian Firmware
c) German Firmware
d) Iraqi Arabic Firmware
e) Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore Firmware
f) 5360B Brazilian Firmware
g) 5360T Australian Firmware (Telstra)

2) Odin 3.07

Tutorial To Install Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Y:

1) To get started, download the stock firmware for your Galaxy Y smartphone based on the country list given above, extract the package and save it in a folder. Once done, download Odin package, extract and install it in your computer.

2) Next, start the Odin application. Now, switch off your Galaxy Y and press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously until you see a warning triangle. Now press the Volume Up button to boot your device into the Download mode. Once done, connect your Galaxy Y smartphone to the computer with the help of original USB data cable.

3) If the connection between your computer and the smartphone is successful, then you will see an “Added” message in the Odin window. Also, the ID:COM section of Odin will turn yellow.

4) Now, click on the PDA button in Odin and select the .tar file located in the stock firmware folder (Step 1). Also, click on the Phone button and CSC button and select the respected files from the stock firmware folder. Once done, ensure that the Re-Partition box is not ticked.

5) Next, press the “Start” button in Odin window to start the installation of stock firmware. Usually, it will take few minutes for the process to get completed and once it does, you will see a green “PASS” message in Odin.

6) Now, you can disconnect your Galaxy Y smartphone from the computer and boot normally.

That’s it. Now you have successfully installed Stock ROM Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) Android smartphone. By doing this, you will be able to unroot your device, get back your device warranty and unbrick your smartphone.

If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, you can let me know by dropping a comment below. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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  1. Dear Friend,

    I read your post. Here in my case, I had bricked my device. right now, I have CWM in my device. Is it possible to install the firmware over SD card.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dear friend
    I have upgreat my samsung galaxy gt-s5360 with cod rom. How can I remove cod rom.
    I want my privious os

  3. Hi,
    I installed custom rom, I want to get back, here the doubt is still can I store apps in memory card because phone memory is very low.
    I forgot to tell my mobile is Samsung galaxy. Y.
    Custom time is anthar

  4. I install custom rom ios 8 after install i install jellyblast rom but could not install show can’t mount etc…what i do to install stock firmware for this bricked phone….plz hlp…one doubt also if i go through odin the require is usb debugging enabled but if usb debugging is disabled how to enable becase phone is not turn on only logo show ….is there any another way to install stock firmware

  5. I`m not sure which tar. file to select since all of them are tar. files
    CSC_S5360_ODDMD1.tar.md5, this is 1
    MODEM_S5360_DDMD1.tar.md5, this is another
    PDA_S5360_DDMD1.tar.md5, the is d last