How To Root Nokia X Android Smartphone

Nokia X which is also known as the Nokia A110, Nokia Normandy, Nokia X Dual SIM RM-980, is an Android smartphone from Nokia. The device comes with a 4 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display which is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core process and it runs on Android Jelly Bean operating system. With its dual SIM capability, the device is quite a hit among people who are looking for Dual SIM smartphones.

If you have purchased this device and if you would like to root it so that you can install Google Play store or other Google play services, then you are in the right page. Here, I have posted a step by step tutorial to root Nokia X with the help of Nokia X Toolkit. Just follow the steps given here carefully and install Google Play Services in your device today.

WARNING: Rooting your device will void it’s warranty and you won’t be able to claim it. So think about it before proceeding with this rooting tutorial.

Root Nokia X - Install USB Drivers And Install Google Play Store


1) To get started you have to install Nokia X-ADB drivers in your computer. Since the Nokia developers haven’t updated the USB drivers officially after the last Nokia X firmware update, you have to do it manually by following the tutorial given here:

a) Download Nokia X-ADB drivers package and extract it to a folder in your computer.
b) Next, enable USB debugging in your Nokia X by following the path: Settings -> USB Debugging. Once done, connect it to the computer with original USB cable.
c) Now, go to “Device Manager” in your computer and click on “Other Devices” to find Nokia X listed in there. Since the drivers for your device haven’t been installed, you will see a yellow triangle sign. Now choose “Update Driver” and point to the folder where you have saved the ADB driver files.
d) That’s it. Now you have installed Nokia X-ADB drivers in your computer.

Once you have done this step, you can move on to the main tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Nokia X With Nokia X Toolkit:

1) To get started, download Nokia X Toolkit and save it in your computer. Next connect your Nokia X smartphone to the computer in the USB debugging mode.

2) Now, run the Nokia X Toolkit. You will see a command prompt window and in that choose Option “21” which is for rooting your device. Once you have selected this option, your phone will boot into CWM recovery mode.

3) Next, go to Mounts And Storage and click on Mount System. Once done, go back to the CWM main screen, choose “Install Zip from SD Card” and the choose the SuperUser zip package located in the SD card. The flashing process will begin and it will take a minute or two to get completed.

4) Now, choose “Reboot System Now” and you will be prompted about fixing CWM. Don’t bother about it and select “No“. Your device will reboot and you will have SuperUser app installed successfully.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting your Nokia X smartphone. Now you can use the Root Checker app from Google Play store to check your device’s rooting privileges.

If you would like to install Google Play services in your device, then follow the guide given below.

Tutorial To Install Google Play Store In Nokia X Smartphone:

1) After rooting your Nokia X device, connect it back to the computer and run the Nokia X Toolkit again.

2) Now select the option “25” for installing Google Play services including Google Play store.

It will take a minute or two for the installation to get finished and once it does, you will be able to access all the Google Play services including Google Play store in Nokia X smartphone.

If your encounter any other issues while following this tutorial, do let me know using the comments section below.

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