How To Root Sony Xperia C3 Dual (D2502 & D2503)

Sony Xperia C3 is a high-quality Android phone from Sony. The device comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display powered by a 1.2 GHz processor along with a 1GB RAM and it runs on Android KitKat operating system. With only a 5 megapixel camera, the device doesn’t support high-quality image capturing. If you are looking for a quality Android smartphone in the Xperia series, Xperia C3 is the one you should consider first.

If you have purchased this Android phone and would like to root it so that you can flash custom ROM firmware or to install Android applications which only supports rooted devices, then you are in the right place. Here, I have given a step by step working tutorial to root Sony Xperia C3 Dual smartphone.

WARNING: Rooting your Sony device will void its warranty. Also, if anything occurs to your smartphone by following the tutorial given below, don’t held me responsible. Proceed at your own will.

Root Sony Xperia C3 Dual


1) Before getting started with the rooting procedure, take a complete backup of personal data in your smartphone using appropriate apps. If you don’t take backup and follow the procedure given below, then your personal data will be wiped out, and you can’t recover them at all.

2) Ensure that your device has a good battery backup or else charge it fully, before carrying out the procedure.

3) Download Sony Xperia USB drivers and install it in your computer, so that you can connect Xperia C3 with it.

4) Enable USB Debugging mode in your device by following the path: Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging Mode (tick the box to enable it).

Once you have finished these steps, you can move on to the rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Sony Xperia C3:

1) To get started, you have to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia C3. To do that, visit this page and follow the instructions given there to get the Unlock CODE (which will be sent to your email address).

2) Next, download Flashtool and install in your computer. Once done, switch off your device and connect it to the computer while holding the volume down button until the phone LED turns into blue color.

3) Now, click BLU on the flash tool and follow the onscreen instructions. Once it is done, disconnect your Xperia C3 from the computer and reconnect it to the computer while holding the Volume up button until you see the Flashtool asking for the Unlock code (Step 1). Just enter it and your device bootloader will be unlocked.

4) Next, download CWM and SuperSU, extract and save them to your computer. Once done, connect your Xperia C3 to the computer while holding the Volume DOWN button until you Blue color in the LED.

5) Now, open flash tool and select Fastboot mode. Next choose “Kernel To Flash” followed by “*.img” and finally choose the boot.img that you have got after extracting the CWM recovery (Step 4). The flashing process will begin and within few seconds will get completed. Once done, disconnect your Xperia C3 from the computer.

6) Next, switch on your device, connect it to the computer using USB debugging mode and transfer the file (Step 4) to the SD card. Once done, disconnect your device again.

7) Now, switch off your smartphone again. We have to boot into the recovery mode for flashing SuperSU. To do that, switch on your device while holding the Volume UP button until you boot into the recovery mode.

8) In CWM recovery, select “Install Zip from SD card”, choose the SuperSU file that you have transferred to the SD (Step 6) and start the flashing process. Once it is done, Reboot your device normally.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Sony Xperia C3 smartphone. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial, drop in a comment below. I will get back to you shortly.

65 thoughts on “How To Root Sony Xperia C3 Dual (D2502 & D2503)

  1. Hi,

    You will have to flash stock ROM to unroot your device. If you are not sure how to do it, let me know. I will post a tutorial soon.

  2. after clicking on blu it just tells me that unplug the device press the back button and connect it but xperia c3 does not have a back button after power off..

  3. please help me in rooting process my c3 phone is stuck on sony logo page and neither charging more how to recover it on its previous position

  4. If you have followed the process given here, you won’t get into a bootloop. What else did you do?

  5. i tried several times but not working on my c3..evrytime i hold down a volume…not appearing a blue light…instead, totally shutdown my phone and disconnected to flashtool…any solution please?

  6. Do not root your Sony c3 it’s all wrong written here,
    While connecting your c3 to pc after powering off it is written there to press blu after pressing it your c3 won’t start it will stuck in a bootloop and no other way is written there to restart your phone as it is written there to follow introduction of flashtool it will show to power off then press menu and how you will do it after powering off so don’t root your c3

  7. I am not asking you to press the Blu (there is no such thing in this device). What i have said is after switching off your device, connect it to the computer using USB cable while holding Volume Down button (you will see the Blue color on LED).

  8. i update the xperia c3 d2502 with lollipop indian firmware and then root it by following your tutorial but i’m stuck in boot loop. will you guide?


  9. Can you get me ClockworkMod Recovery Img for Sony C3 dual D5202 for the build 19.3.A.0.470 ?

  10. There is no D5202 version of Sony C3 is available in the market. Can you recheck and tell me which device you are using?

  11. i dont find unlock code on given page…will u help e through the procedure?

  12. Sorry my mistake its D2502.

    I am using “Xperia C3 Build Number 391 CWM” as recovery image as you mentioned in this post and it is working fine with 19.2.1.A.0.72 (older version) but stuck in boot loop if i update mobile with lollipop 19.a.A.0.470.


  13. Hey anyone can help me coz I need really root my device.. My model is xperia c3 D2502 android lollipop v5.0.2 build 19.3.A.0.470

  14. I can’t update my Xperia c3 D2502 to lolipop as it is rooted…plz post steps to unroot it

  15. Hi,
    I have updated my xperia c3 dual D2502 to lollipop after that its not able to root & its stuck on boot loop can u please provide working method to root running on official lollipop..

  16. Have you followed the steps given here to root your device? I need to know this to provide unrooting steps.

  17. I fixed my problem of rooting my xperia c3 dual d2502 by the help of prf creator. I create my prerooted firmware & flash it with cwm recovery..

  18. I had update using older method… But I stuck on Sony boot load… I have restored my lollipop again using Sony companion… Now I want root my new lollipop updated……. Plz its really needed

  19. Unlocked bootloader
    But problem occurs during cwm installing.when i flash cwm .img ,and then on my device screen becomes fully blur …like a damaged dsplay

    Nothing can see except dots lines etc ..but if i reinstall my stock rom all return to normal.whats the prblm?

  20. Usin 360 camera in lollipop…. And using for back default camera.. Kitkat has fucking bloom back camera brother

  21. Hey
    Recently i have updated my Xperia C3Dual to lollipop firmware 19.3.A.470.but i want to root my lollipop firmwarw .Is there a way to root my device.If you familiar with any way to root this plz share.

  22. I unrooted my Sony Xperia c3 d2502, now is it necessary to use of Sony companion pc for update it to lolipop? Or I can update it by flashing lolipop ftf file obtained from xperiafirmware website?

  23. No its nt….. U can update too by ftf…I have updated using ftf coz this file was large to download from Sony companion… So I use idm and intall… Its safe now in my hardrive to use again in future :-p

  24. I couldn’t flash ftf file for lolipop in my Xperia c3 d2502…there is error:flash bundle can’t open.flash is canceled.

  25. My device Xperia c3 dual (D2502)
    Can you please build a perfect custom kernel for this device with following features
    1. Cpu overclock
    2. I/O scheduler
    3. Root access
    With twrp recovery
    Thank you

  26. Are you using Lollipop firmware? If yes, I will post a different solution tomorrow. Watch out for it.

  27. Tanrag change the format of ur bundle.. This an. Zip….erase and edit. Ftf the name using winrar after that u can install

  28. I have rooted my device lollipop Xperia c3 now I want Cwm for this device.. Pizza give it to me….

  29. HOw to root xperia c3 dual lollipop version . by xperia c3 build number is 19.3.A.0.470.

  30. I tried rooting my Xperia c3 dual D2502 using the above method and now I am trapped in bootloop. Flashboot, fastboot mode and CWM opening but phone is not switching ON.
    Kindly help

  31. 4. Next, download CWM and SuperSU, extract and save them to your computer. Once done, connect your Xperia C3 to the computer while holding the Volume DOWN(up) button until you Blue color in the LED>
    my phone stop and reload welcome screen again and again. I do wipe data and factory reset also No change.

  32. my device open only on recovery mode. i think i need to flash new rom from scratch (xperia c3 D2502). now ican not make a call. plz hery

  33. bro i’ve done all your process step by step to root my c3 100% perfectly. after all done when am reboot my device at last stage my c3 frequently vibrates with blue light comes and goes and also some straight lines are coming on the screen…. i cant see anything and my c3 has gone bro…
    pls help me bro…. i loss my c3

  34. Hi,

    I see there were some problems in procedure of rooting C3 dual D2502. And there are posta saying new procedure will be updated shortly. Is it updated here? Or are threre any new link for updated procedure.
    Please guide me. I want to root my phone so that I can install voodoo sound app and increase mic sensitivity. Mic sensitivity is very bad in my phone.


  35. Hi,

    I have rooted my xperia c3 dual D2502…..using Rom-Manager’s method but it get stucked in recovery mode, now can i use your method to root my device….please help me….please

  36. Well, I don’t think rooting will solve your issue. You will need to flash Stock ROM firmware to resolve the issue.

  37. Will you please guide me how I can do that, i have rooted first time….and when i connect my phn with PC it only takes power + volume up option i.e. fastboot mode. So how I can flash stock ROM firmware. I have downloaded firmware from XperiFirm ………please help me..