How To Root Gionee CTRL V4 And Install CWM Recovery

Gionee CTRL V4 is a decent Android smartphone, which is powered by 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor alongside 512 MB RAM. The display of this device is 4.5 inch in size, and it has a decent quality 5 mega pixel camera. The device runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. With its decent price, this device will be suitable for anyone who is getting into the Android world for the first time.

If you have bought this device already and looking for a way to root it, so that you can install custom ROM firmware or to install custom apps which only supports rooted devices or to remove the unwanted pre-installed bloat ware, you are in the right page. Here, I have given a step by step tutorial to root Gionee CTRL V4 along with the instructions to install Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery.

WARNING: The rooting and CWM recovery installation procedure given here has worked for us. We can’t be responsible, if it doesn’t work for you. Also, if anything occurs to your device while following this tutorial, don’t held us liable. Proceed at your OWN will.

Root Gionee CTRL V4 And Install CWM Recovery


1) To get started, charge your device battery and make sure that it has at least 60% battery backup.

2) Next, enable “Unknown Sources” in your Gionee device by following the path: Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources (just tick the box to enable it). Without enabling this option, you would be able to install the “framaroot” rooting application on your device.

3) Disable or uninstall any antivirus applications installed in your device as they tend to interrupt the rooting procedure.

Once you have done these tasks, you can proceed to the rooting and CWM recovery installation procedure given below.

Tutorial To Root Gionee CTRL V4 Smartphone:

1) To get started with the rooting process, download Framaroot apk and save it in your device.

2) Once done, install the framaroot application in your smartphone. While doing so, you will get a warning message from Android. Just ignore it and install the application in your device.

3) Now, run the application and in the next screen, click on “Boromir“. If the application closes without any information, restart it and press the “Boromir” option again.

4) The rooting process will begin, and it will take few seconds to get completed. Once it is done, restart your device.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting your Gionee smartphone without using a computer. To check the root privileges, you can use the Root Checker app from Google Play store. Now, lets move on to the CWM recovery installation procedure.

Tutorial To Install CWM Recovery In Gionee CTRL V4:

1) To get started, download Gionee CTRL V4 USB drivers and install it in your computer. By doing so, you will be able to connect your smartphone with the computer successfully. Also, you will have to enable USB debugging mode.

2) Once done, download MTK Droid Root & Tools and install it in your computer.

3) Next, connect your smartphone to the computer with the help of USB data cable. Once done, open the MTK Droid Root & Tools and in its Window, click on “Root, backup, and recovery” tab and enable “Use boot from phone“.

4) Now, click on “Recovery and boot” button. A prompt will show up. Click on “Yes“. You will get another prompt. Click “Yes” again. The CWM recovery installation will begin, and it will get finished within few seconds.

5) Now you boot into the CWM recovery mode by pressing the power and volume up button simultaneously while your device is switched off.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing CWM recovery in your Gionee CTRL V4 smartphone. If you encounter any issues, while following the tutorial given above, do let me know via comments.

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