How To Root Micromax Unite 2 A106

Micromax A106 Unite 2 is a good quality Android device from the Indian smartphone manufacturer, Micromax. Running on Android KitKat operating system, the device comes with a 4.7 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display that is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor alongside 1 GB RAM. The device’s 5 mega pixel camera will let you take high-quality snaps and videos.

If you own this device and would like to upgrade its Android firmware versions or if you would like to install apps which only supports rooted devices, then you will need to root your device. If you don’t know the procedure for rooting, then don’t worry. Here, I have given a step by step tutorial to root Micromax Unite 2 A106 Android smartphone.

WARNING: Rooting your Micromax device will void its manufacturer warranty and you won’t be able to claim it. Also, if anything occurs to your device while following the tutorial given below, don’t held AndroidRootGuides responsible. We are merely sharing valuable information which you can try at your OWN risk.

Root Micromax Unite 2 A106


1) Before getting started with the rooting process, it is safe to take backup of all the personal data in your smartphone. If incase your device’s software gets corrupted while rooting, then you can use the backup to restore data.

2) Make sure that your device has a good battery backup (at least 75%) before starting the rooting process.

3) You will have to enable USB debugging mode in your smartphone. To do that, go to Settings, open About Phone and tap 7 times on the build number to enable “Developers Option“. Once done, get back to the settings screen, open developers option and enable USB debugging mode.

4) Deactivate or uninstall the antivirus applications in your computer as they tend to interrupt the rooting procedure.

5) Download Micromax A106 Unite 2 USB drivers and install it in your computer and by doing this, you will be able to connect your smartphone with the computer successfully.

Once you have finished these pre-rooting tasks, you can proceed to the main rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Micromax Unite 2 A106:

1) To get started, download and save the following files in your computer:

a) SP Flash Tool
b) Scatter File
c) Boot Image and CWM Recovery
d) SuperSU

2) Next, connect your smartphone to the computer with the help of Original USB data cable and transfer the downloaded SuperSU file to your device’s SD card. Once done, disconnect your smartphone from the computer.

3) Now switch off your device and pull out its battery. Once done, connect your smartphone to the computer again using USB cable.

4) Next, extract all the files of the SP Flash Tool compressed file and save it in a folder. From their, run the Flash Tool program by double clicking on the Flash_Tool.exe file.

5) In the SP Flash Tool window, using the Scatter-loading button choose the “MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt” scatter file which you have downloaded in Step 1.

6) Once you have selected the Scatter file, you will see a lot of options showing up in the SP Flash Tool window. In that, select BOOTIMG and choose the boot.img which you have downloaded in Step 1. Repeat the same procedure for RECOVERY as well.

7) Now, press the download button. You will see a warning message but don’t worry about it. Just ignore the warning message and select “Ok”. That’s it. Now you have successfully installed CWM recovery in your Micromax Unite 2 device.

8) Next, insert the battery in your device and press and hold the Volume up + Volume down and power key until you boot into the CWM recovery. And from there, select “Install Zip from SD card” option and choose the “SuperSU” file in your SD card (Step 1). This will install the SuperSU app in your device. Once the installation is over, you can normally reboot .

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted Micromax A106 Unite 2 smartphone. To check whether your device is successfully rooted or not, you can use the Root Checker app from Google Play store. Also, if you face any challenges while following this tutorial, do let me know using the comments section below.

80 thoughts on “How To Root Micromax Unite 2 A106

  1. Hi

    I wanted to know that can this rooting procedure will increase my internal storage for app to be installed. If yes , pls let me know the procedure of same. Actually i have installed total of 5 app on my internal storage and that too combined of space less than 200mb and it shows that i am left with 50 mb of space in my internal storage. Is there any thing i can do to icrease my internal storage space. If yes pls pls pls let me know its procedure.
    Thanks in advance buddy

  2. I am using micromax unite 2. I had a problem in my mobile its “internal memorycard is damaged”. How to clear this problem please explain it.

  3. In Step 7, Does CWM recovery file get installed as soon as i pressed yes button or i have to wait till the download to complete, If i have to wait till the download to complete, then i waited fo 50 mins, Nothing happens in the progress bar . please help me on this.

  4. sir i want to know how to connect pen derive on micromax A106 unite2 phone
    i have downloaded many of software such as usb otg supporter or bla bla but no one works pls help me how to open pen drive on micromax A106 unite 2 phone thank u……

  5. after press the vol+ and vol- and power button a android pictures come with “No command” written below it.. What to do??

  6. hi,
    I m using Micromax A106 with 8gb ROM, for last 8 months. I would like to root my phone, then I would like to increase the app storage space to atleast 2.5GB, then I would like to update to Android Lollipop 5. Is it possible to perform all 3 process? Moreover if I want to unroot the same what I have to do. Please help me. I m looking forward for ur kind support.

  7. i would like to know two things while in root process.

    1. How can we ensure that the boot.img and recovery.img file has installed using flash tool window in computer to micromax unite2 a106 mobile while in switchoff mode.

    2. AS PER THE METHOD IN THE STEP of ( step 6) “Once you have selected the Scatter file, you will see a lot of options showing up in the SP Flash Tool window. In that, select BOOTIMG and choose the boot.img which you have downloaded in Step 1. Repeat the same procedure for RECOVERY as well.”

    Is that bootimg for boot.img as the same as for recoveryimg for recovery.img ( or ) recoveryimg for boot,img

    3. After installation, i got the message in the boot menu that “Installation Aborted”

  8. sir,
    i have unite 2 lollipop.i tried to root but when i click on bootimg and then load boot.nothing happend
    Help me in rooting

  9. Sir finally i have done till step five but in step six i have selected the Scatter file and choose bootming but there is no option to select the boot.img sir please tell me what to do.??

  10. hi I have micromax unite 2 A106, And i really want to root it. But there is a problem. My phone’s power key is damaged i have tried to repair it but no success. Help me to root my phone.

  11. Nope, you can’t do anything like that. Rooting will help you to install a lot of apps!

  12. Hiii,
    I have a micromax unite 2 phone.
    in this phone have a problem.
    music player is running and unfortunatly it is not reponding, i mean to say music player stop playing the music after 1 or 2 Song played.
    after that i have only one option. Go to app info and foced stop music player then start music player i can play music but after 1or 2 song problem is still fund

  13. Sir kya root krne se mere phone ko koi damage hone ka chance hai micromax a 106?

  14. I was wondering if i copy save SuperSu to phones internal memory instead of external sd card.

  15. i copied the super su rar file to my phone and then removed the battery and connected it to my pc again but now the phone doesnt start and even the pc doesnt show its connected what should i do

  16. i am not being able to do the 6th step from your guide. i select BOOTIMG but then i m not being able to find boot.img i am really looking forward to rooting my device completely so pls help me. thank u very much

  17. Download the boot image and recovery file and then choose them in the Step 6.

  18. Did you enable USB debugging? If yes, then check whether you have installed USB drivers properly.

  19. If you do that, then when you try to install SuperSU using recovery mode, it won’t show up.

  20. I have lollipop in my micromax unit 2 4 gb, but i hv an app storage issue, i hvnt root my phone, does there any way to increase the app storage in lollipop version of unite 2 without rooting my phone.

  21. Hey,I am using unite 2 A106 Android 5.0 . To root my phone I follow the procedure is give by you. I try to upload scatter file but it doesn’t support. Please tell me what should I do? And is there another way to root my (whitout PC method). I tried kingroot method but it supports only when my unite 2 is running on 4.4 version

  22. Well, I am not sure about any methods for rooting Unite 2 without PC but I will look for one and will let you know.

  23. After successfully installing cwm recowary in my unite2 a106 ,which i have upgraded to 5.0 ,i get error while installing UPDATE – superSU-v1.94 zip file – aborted . what shud i do .please guide me…

  24. got everything done till step 7……………and now niether recovery menu appears nor it boots normally …….plz help

  25. Are you sure about it? The CWM recovery given here is the right one for your device. If flashing it causes issue, I will provide a new CWM recovery.

  26. I think the SuperSU file doesn’t support your device. I will provide a different one soon!

  27. everything done till step 7 but now niether recovery menu appears nor it boots normally …one thing more my device was having lollipop os

  28. I have recently upgraded my Unite 2 to Lollipop and this made me lose a lot of apps due to insufficient memory. Can I use the same method mentioned in this blog to root my Lollipop upgraded mobile?

  29. hello bro..
    I was updated my phone software from KitKat to lollipop and that was my big mistake now I want to solve it..
    I want to get back KitKat in my phone please help me or guide me how should I get it back I have restore my phone but nothing happen..
    please help me soon as possible..
    my phone warrinty is only for this month after that I’ll have to pay charge for it..

  30. Hi dude.. My mobile major problem is always showing internal storage running out & its not allowing me to install any app even i cant download anything

    Pls help me

  31. Hi Sathish,

    Few Questions:
    In Step 2, SuperSU file is copied inside a folder will this work?

    In Step 6, once i clicked download, its been 30 mins, but there is improvement in prgress bar below, it stays at 0%.
    Am still waiting, please let me know in case I did step 2 wrong?

    In Step 6, when do i do the recovery? is it optional or mandatory?

    You site is too good with solutions for almost everything I want to do with my phones. Keep up the good work.

  32. When I’m using flash tool and done all the steps u said but when I download it, it says SP flash tool 8038 error….. how do I fix it plzz help

  33. everything done till step 7 but now niether recovery menu appears nor it boots normally… Urgent help please.

  34. Hi,

    Thanks for the compliment. Regarding your query, copy the SuperSU file to Root folder of your SD card or else it won’t show up in recovery. Regarding recovery installation, when you select the recovery.img and boot.img for BOOTIMG and RECOVERY, you are installing both the custom recovery and custom boot image for rooting your device. There is no additional step required.

  35. I tried updating my Unite 2 from the file and the method mentioned by you but it did not go the way as you said.
    Now my phone has stuck and i could start it even.
    it is showing just a logo M and material written.

    Is this really a update???????????????

    Please reply..

  36. i m facing problm in root process of micromax unit 2, given file are not helping . plz provide me appropriate files.plz

  37. Hi sir,
    I would like to know, how to connect usb or pendrive to my micromax A106. So please let me know if there is any way to do this.

  38. HI All,

    As per step 6

    “6) Once you have selected the Scatter file, you will see a lot of options showing up in the SP Flash Tool window. In that, select BOOTIMG and choose the boot.img which you have downloaded in Step 1. Repeat the same procedure for RECOVERY as well.”

    After click on download — no progress .Still its stuck on 0%………..

    As we as i am seeing Preloader in red colour,after browsing scatter file”.

    Please suggest.

  39. sir,
    for the STEPS 7. If i dont have the internet coonection in my laptop. till than it’ll be possible or not???? please reply

    thankss in advance

  40. Did choose scatter loading and then downloaded but its not moving forward. Have copied super su to sd card. Kindly help

  41. If you have clicked on the download button, then connect your device while it is switched off. Then only the flashing will begin.

  42. I had removed the battery still not moving forward. If u can provide some no. So that can call u

  43. Sir I want to increase my internal memory of my micromax unite 2 lollipop and I want to increase that without rooting my phone so if there is any way please tell me,,,,, please please please please help me

  44. While rooting unite 2 a106, pressing volume up+ volume down and power key didn’t show any option for booting.Procedure stops there and my phone doesn’t turn on.What to do?

  45. after rooting my phone it cannot receive signal. how can this be rectified. please help

  46. how can I make a aaps memory. just I update of my phone of micromax unite 2 to 5.0.0 lollipop . so I not insatel more application in my phone . after the update my phone memory is 600 mb help me dear. what’s upme 9033333956 hiren sandis

  47. i tried , boot.img and recovery file uploaded and red circle showed on the screen. afterward when i restarted mobile as instructed by you, it showed option for recovery and factory mode. on clicking any of the option afterwards its not starting.

  48. sir i have done rooting , super su v iam trying to instal but i wont instal , i tried super su v 1.94 to 2.46 but iam unable to instal what to do ? 2. after iam switching on my mobile micromax unite2 i wont receiing signal form network please help me?

  49. unable to dwnld usb drivers for micromax unite 2 as it showing- Unable to download file. (There were too many recent requests; please wait a while and try again.)
    pls help

  50. hi,
    I am using micromax unite 2 A106 with 5.28 gb rom, for last 7 month. I would like to root my phone. Then i would like to increase the app storage space to atleast 2.5 gb. AND I Updated my phone lollipop 5.0… So please help me to increase internal storage

  51. Hell,
    I hve unite 2 A106 upgrade from kitkat to lollipop one day automatically hang when i switch off the phone again not switch on only micromax android show on the screen not go to ahead.

  52. I did first 7 steps successfully when i try to start my phone as mentioned in 8 step then its show the micromax logo then restart again and again. i am not able to start it. Plz guid me frnds how to solve this problem.

  53. i un able to install aps and update aps due to internal storage problem in unite 2. help me.

  54. upto 7 step i have done but after that phone don’t want to even get started
    phone has stopped working.
    both volumn button and power button press does not give any response

    please help me as soon as possible.
    thanks in advance

  55. hey whenever i try to open my about phone option on A106 Its saya “setting has to be stopped” How can i fixed it kindly help me out