How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G)

Xiaomi Redmi Note is a high-end Android Phablet, which comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display powered by a 1.7 GHz Octa-core processor alongside a 2 GB RAM. The device runs on MIUI 5 ROM, which is based on Android 4.4 KitKat version. The 13 mega pixel camera available in this device is good for taking high-quality pictures, and its 3100 mAH battery will offer longer standby times.

If you have purchased this Android device and would like to root it, so that you can install applications which only supports rooted devices or for installing a custom ROM of your device, then you are in the right page. Here, I have a step by step tutorial to root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G and 4G).

WARNING: The following procedure has worked well for us but we can’t guarantee the same. Also, if anything occurs to your device while following this tutorial, you should not held us responsible. Proceed at your OWN wish.

Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G 4G


1) The rooting procedure given here is not a data-loss process. So there is absolutely no need to take backup of personal data’s in your smartphone.

2) Download Redmi Note USB drivers and install it in your Laptop or PC, so that you can connect your device with the computer successfully.

3) You will need to enable USB debugging mode in your smartphone. You can do that by following this guide.

4) Deactivate or uninstall any antivirus applications installed in your Xiaomi device as they tend to interrupt the rooting procedure.

Once you have done these prerequisites, you can move forward with the rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G):

1) To get started, download Redmi Note rooting kit, rename the file name to and save it in your computer. Once done, connect your device with the computer using the original USB data cable and transfer the rooting kit to the SD card.

2) Next, disconnect your device from the computer. Once done, go to “Tools -> Updater -> Select Update Package” and point to the file in your SD card to start the flashing process. It will get completed within a minute or two.

3) Now, you can go “Security -> Permissions” and tap on the “Root Permission” button to enable root privileges.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting your Xiaomi Redmi Note Phablet. If you would like to know how to unroot your device, follow the tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G/4G):

To unroot your device, you have to follow the same procedure as given above in the rooting tutorial, but instead of using the Redmi Note rooting kit, you have to use the Redmi Note unrooting kit.

That’s it. Now you have successfully unrooted your device. If you face any challenges while following this rooting and unrooting tutorial, do let me know using the comments section below.


  1. Hello,, recentely i have purchased redmi note 4g but still i am getting a problem in rooting my device…as ave you said the procedure for rooting .i had done the same things but while updating, it completes 24 % and after that it show s error..i did it 4-5 times but didn’t get the solution..please help me to get rid out of this problem

  2. VIVEK tuppad says:

    Mi note 4 is not connect to computers

  3. Download the USB drivers for your device and install it in your computer. Then it will connect properly.

  4. Redmi 1s android update kitbag 4.4.4

  5. Option of root permission is disabled in my xiaomi redmi note 4g phone.. Cannot click. Doesn’t show response. Is there any other option to enable Root permission?

  6. Yes, there is. Follow the guide given in this page.

  7. Can I try this for 3g

  8. Yes you can! It will work well on both the devices.

  9. Error at 24%….on note 4g miui6

  10. RAM YADAV says:

    sir ihave purchage,redmi note 4g.i can any some issu problem in devic ,just like
    hang,screen vibrate ,heatin then problem when i put in charging with redmi charger.please suggest good sugestion for me,
    thank regrd,

  11. coming to the 24% and getting an error ………..
    unale to root………………..f*** ed it

  12. Vivek Dhankar says:

    i purchase redmi note on 10 july 2015 but i received android kitkat 4.4.2 which is very old for this device…is there any problem with that android version so please tell me.

  13. Sathish says:

    KitKat doesn’t have any problem at all!