How To Flash Stock ROM Firmware On Micromax Unite 2 A106

In my previous guides “How To Update Micromax Unite 2 A106 With Android 5.0 Lollipop Based Android L ROM” and “Update Micromax Unite 2 A106 With Android 5.0 Lollipop“, I have given tutorial to update your Micromax Unite 2 A106 smartphones with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

If you have encountered any issues while following those tutorials and got your device bricked, or if you are not happy with Android L ROM, or if a function of your device is not working, or if you are not happy with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, then don’t worry. Here, I have given a step by step tutorial to Flash Stock ROM Firmware (Android Kitkat operating system) on Micromax Unite 2 Android smartphone.

CAUTION: If anything wrong occurs to your smartphone by following this tutorial, don’t held me or Android Root Guides team responsible. Proceed at your OWN risk.

Flash Stock ROM Firmware On Micromax Unite 2 A106


1) Before getting started, make sure that your smartphone has at least 50% or more battery backup in it. If not, charge your device up to 50% battery level and then get started with the procedure.

2) Next, download Micromax Unite 2 USB drivers and install it in your computer. Only by installing the USB drivers, you will be able to connect your smartphone to the computer successfully.

3) Ensure that you have deactivated or uninstalled the Antivirus programs in your computer, as they have a habit of interrupting the firmware installation procedure.

Once you have done these prerequisites, you can move forward to the Stock ROM flashing tutorial I have given below.

Tutorial To Flash Stock ROM Firmware On Micromax Unite 2 A106:

1) To get started, download stock ROM of Micromax Unite 2 smartphone based on your device’s model:

a) Stock ROM For Micromax Unite 2 (4 GB Model)

b) Stock ROM For Micromax Unite 2 (8 GB Model)

2) Once done, extract the Stock ROM package and save the extracted files in a folder in your PC. Next, Download SP Flash Tool, install it in your computer and open its Window.

3) In the SP Flash Tool window, click on “Scatter-loading” and load the scatter.txt file located in the extracted ROM files (Step 2). Once done, you will lot of options below. Select files from the extracted folder for each one of those options. For USRDATA and CACHE options, choose secro.img.

4) Now, select “Firmware Upgrade” from the drop-down menu in SP Flash Tool. Once done, switch off your smartphone by removing its battery. After a while, reinsert it in your device but don’t switch it on.

5) Next, click on the “Download” option in SP Flash Tool and connect your Micromax Unite 2 to the computer using the original USB data cable. This will start the flashing process, and it will take 3-4 minutes to get completed. Once it is over, you will see a success message in SP Flash Tool.

6) Now, remove your device from the computer and boot it into the recovery mode by pressing the Volume Plus, Volume Minus, and Power Buttons simultaneously for few seconds.

7) Once in recovery mode, select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option and delete all the user data. Once done, reboot your device normally.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing Stock ROM firmware on Micromax Unite 2 A106 Android smartphone. If you encounter any challenges while following this tutorial, do let me know via comments.

90 thoughts on “How To Flash Stock ROM Firmware On Micromax Unite 2 A106

  1. i was running my phone on lollipop.
    Then i decide to go back to kitkat.
    i followed every steps …but when i enter into wipedata screen remains on dead andriod… even on entering reboot system same thing happens

  2. i complete this procedure fore flashing my mimax unite2 a106 but it doesn’t start the flashing process.plz help me…

  3. While reflashing lollipop… try th download option. not the firmware update. it worked for me

  4. bro …ihave flashed my mmx u 2 to lollipop…but. it didn’t work…after rebooting..i got black screen …what to do…..please help me…

  5. Thanks bro…I solved this problem……… Guys, if any one facing… The same problem….. Don’t worry, bring your phone outside…… (Sun light)… Then press lock button….. Then you will see the magic….actually problem is light ambient sensor……

  6. i have downloaded android L rom file in custom recovery mode….after rebooting the screen have gone blank………. im frightened and dont know what to do…… plz help me

  7. Follow the instructions and flash stock ROM man. Then your device will get into a working condition.

  8. Sir, my mmx A106 main camera does not work, how i can fix it, please suggest me

  9. Sir,
    Mi mmx mobile how can this possible upgrade mobile mmx unit2 a106 version 4.4.2 kitkat its possible show pls reply fast

  10. I want see the Micromax unite2 boot up screen when I start my phone.
    I have installed lollypop to my device.
    Lollypop works fine but I lost that boot screen. Now it shows another boot screen plz help go get it back.
    Just like newly purchased device shows.
    Plz help for this.
    Waiting for reply.

  11. I want see wheter my Micromax unite2 is having 4Gb ROM or 8gb.
    How will I do this.

  12. i have downloaded android L rom file in custom recovery mode….after rebooting the screen have gone blank………. im frightened and dont know what to do…… plz help me

  13. i have accidentally wiped all data from my phone through my PC including the OS files

    i need to reload the whole OS again
    PLeasae advise on the procedure to follow

  14. You should download USB drivers for your device again and then try this tutorial.

  15. Sir I updated my mmx a106 8gb this morning to lollipop the version sent by mmx. but it’d mssed up my internal memory and reduced it to 5.42 mb. I tried to repartition after successful rooting, but it was not being detected on sp tools. so i tried to switch on and i found out it got hard bricked. I reflashed stock rom by the skyneel guide and it gave me the green tick. but it is still hard bricked I tried again and I am getting DRAM failed error 4032. Please help sir.

  16. I dunno if its just a problem with my computer or phone but sp flash tools is not working it keeps crashing and when it does load the progress bar stays at 0% for quite some time. Is there any way to fix this?

  17. i have flashed my Unit2 using SP tool. Download successful message came in SP tool. As per your steps, now i am trying turn on my phone using Volume+, volume-, power button. Now phone is no working at all. i m not able to see anything now. its completely dead now. Now tell me what to do.

  18. I want to go back to kitkat 4 plc help me.
    Lolipop dont not work my phon micromax unite2 a106

    i want to back kitkat plc help me

  19. Hey, I want to remove cwm recovery from my MMX a106 can you plz help me out

    Cause I want to update my a106 with the official ROM which is now available using software update

  20. Dear Friend,
    Micromax Unite 2 – 4GB phone, today I ungraded to Lolipop and its started working good, I just tried to reboot once but my mobile got stopped working. Its just showing start screen as micromax powered by android. kindly help me out revolver my mobile.

    Thanks & Regards

  21. Well, in that case you will need to flash the Stock ROM firmware by following the tutorial given here.

  22. If you upgrade your device with the official ROM, the CWM recovery will be automatically replaced with stock recovery.

  23. Dear Sathish, i had rooted my phone a few weeks ago and flashed the cleankat rom.
    but after flashiing,, i lost root access. And then i heard MMX is providing the lollipop ota update so i flashed the stock rom via “Install zip from sd card”(CWM Recovery).
    And then when i tried to update it too lollipop, after rebooting, it goes to cwm recovery and doesnt continue with the uograde.
    What can i do?
    Is there a way i can get rid of CWM recovery?
    And is CWM recovery interfering with the ota upgrade to lollipop?

  24. Nope, CWM recovery will never interfere with OTA update. Also, when you update automatically (OTA), it will get replaced with stock recovery. You are probably having connecting issue.

  25. I have my Unite 2 4GB rooted and repartitioned with carliv Touch recovery (by sudeep) , all works well. Recently MMX software update notified the availability of official Lollipop update. It downloaded the package but two issues occur- I cant see the download upgrade package anywhere on the phone 2) Phone rebooted as part of upgrade but went only into Carliv recovery.. Again couldnt see the upgrade package anywhere. How do I upgrade? I would like the current partition schema to remain as it is.. Please help thanks

  26. if you have un rooted (non cwm)(same model , version) unite 2 phone then install king root and flashify. after backup stock recovery using flashify. and put to your sd card and flash with recovery and reboot. after cwm dont upgrate to llolipop .(my phone after upgrade invalid imei @ unknown baseband version & sim card not detected problems found *****sorry for my english******* )

  27. same problem i updated my mobile to L an repartitioned app memory to 2gb , everything went fine but lost imei , baseband version and mobile signals. does flashing stock rom helps ? please reply soon sathish brother i might get emergency calls , thanks in advance.

  28. Sir…..plz help….me…..
    How can i increase….apps memory of my micromax unite 2 8gb….which….running on lollipop….

    plz help me sir….

  29. I have rooted the device, repartition for more internal space, now when i upgrade to Lollipop OTA , it doesn’t , it just stop to CWM recovery.

    (I want to upgrade to Lollipop by installing the stock ROM).
    And also, does my unite 2 goes to dead, if i install the stock rom kitkat based upon your guidelines, as i have repartition the internal space.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Sir,
    I updated KitKat to lollipop from phone update software. (Into setting ) but some app not install from gogle ply.such as ,,facebook,,. Chrome ,,etc.

    What i do?

  31. After i click download nothing happens.
    After that my phone shows charging.
    What to do.

  32. android lollipop 5.0 gives only 894 mb for internal and by default system has 5 gb so we can’t use all storage and while installing apps from google play it says insufficient space. can you solve this problem ?

  33. Sir,
    I flashed a wrong zip file and permanently deleted my OS. Now i only have TWRP recovery in my phone.But i had a backup done using CWM. Is there any chance that i can install CWM in my phone.

    P.S . Just need an operating software

  34. I update my unite 2 using ota to 5.0 but network,Fmradio,wifi didn’t work So I reset my unite 2 then it unable to boot it stuck on bootlogo then I decide to reflash rom but sptools just stuck on EMMC searching and 0% I have already installed all drivers like adb or micromax drivers so what should I do plz reply soon

  35. phone is dead after installing this rom.when connected to is not responding.led light is not responding.what to do now????

  36. i upgraded to lollipop on unite 2 4gb! i want to root my fone for more storage! i like the lollipop update and dont want to go back to kitkat! how to root it? softwares like kingo and oneclickroot are unable to root it!
    i could root it before when it had kitkat but not now!! help!

  37. i have accidently cleaned my factory rom and every thing using recovery iam afried and my phone is not starting is this would work???? plzz rply fast

  38. Yes, this tutorial would certainly get your phone to working condition again!

  39. i repartitioned my unite 2 after lolipop upgrade. my device booted successfully but internal sd card was corrupted. so i wiped cache partition. after succesfully wiping cache my device isnt turning on. led doesnt flash on charging. what should i do?

  40. I update my unite 2 using ota to custom ROM using sptools after dwloading custom rom and i dwloaded tat data as per the instructions and dwlod stuck 0% I have already installed all drivers like adb or micromax drivers so what should I do plz reply soon

  41. i do cwm recovey but i want back unrecover please tell step by step without pc

  42. Sir
    I update my a106 unite2 to lolopop
    Now i face problems when i make or receive call afrer end call i get msg unfortunately ur phone is not working
    When i click it my call disconnected. Secind no app is moving to sd.
    What i have to do.
    Plz help me

  43. dear sir i also update lalipop virsion and it working but my app mamory is low after update what can i do help me for more app memory.

  44. sp flash tool is not detecting my MMX U2 even if i have installed the drivers….it shows searching…..i tried it for3-4 times….plzz help

  45. Thanx bro…it really works but when I started my phone with sim cards it says “invalid IMEI”.BRo now what can I do.please help!!

  46. Bhai pehele sptools mein auto format Karo uske baad scatter files par jaa kar file load Karo uske baad firmware upgrade then download,after flashing ur phone will work.

  47. after lollipop update my phone become useless so i decided to reset but after all i left with welcome screen nothing else
    i tried your method of flashing new rom but fail
    please help what to do???

    micromax unite 2 8 gb

  48. Hello satish i have a different problem. I recently upgraded to lollipop from my unite 2 8gb from kitkat. After that i turned on anti theft. And i forgot the pin for it. Now unfortunately i changed sim card and switched on the phone . Now it is showing “please enter privacy protection password” . I even tried hard reset. But it doesn’t work. Please suggest me something . I can’t use my phone.

  49. Hey dude ,

    Am completed the prosses sucsesfully , but my devise dosent catch eny networck ….

  50. when i am rooting my unite 2 after fashing it dont want to even get started.
    help me out to solve this.
    thank u in advance

  51. company lollipop upgrade gives you a worst update – 1. launcher is not transparent, 2. app storage is only 894 mb which can be changed to 2gb,3gb,4gb,5gb,6gb as you want

  52. I am delete build .prop after I reboot my phone not open only Micromax unite 2 logo any solution please give

  53. I delete build .prop then I reboot phone not open only logo of micromax unite 2 give any solution

  54. My htc dw 816 not after i flash cwm recovery only seen when i open a logo of mediatek and switched off please help

  55. Abhishek soni..can u plss tell me how to change my app storage frm 894mb to higher memory..