How To Flash Stock ROM On Lava Iris X5 Android Device

Recently, I have written a tutorial on How To Root Lava Iris X5 Android smartphone. By following that tutorial, you will be able to root your device but at the same time, you will lose the warranty of your smartphone. So, if you want to claim back your device’s warranty, then you will have to flash Stock ROM on Lava Iris X5 device.

Flashing stock ROM on your smartphone is the only way to get your device to a good working condition if it got bricked. Also, by flashing stock ROM, you will get back the ability to get OTA updates in your device. So, follow this tutorial and flash stock ROM on Lava Iris X5 smartphone today.

WARNING: Follow the steps given here carefully or you may get your device bricked. Also, if your device get bricked while following this tutorial, do not held me or Android Root Guide responsible. Proceed at your OWN risk.

Tutorial To Flash Stock ROM On Lava Iris X5


1) Flashing stock ROM on your smartphone will wipe out all the personal data in your device. So take a complete backup of data in your smartphone by using appropriate apps.

2) This flashing procedure is a time and battery consuming task. So charge your battery full before getting started with the procedure. If you don’t do that and if your device gets switched off due to lack of battery backup during the Stock ROM flashing process, it will get bricked for sure.

3) Make sure that you have installed Lava Iris X5 USB drivers in your computer, so that you can connect your smartphone with the PC successfully. Also, ensure that you have disabled Antivirus programs in your computer, as they have a habit of interrupting the flashing procedure that sometimes might result in your device getting bricked.

Once you have finished all these prerequisites, you can move forward to the main tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Flash Stock ROM on Lava Iris X5:

1) To get started, download Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool archive package to your computer. Once done, extract the package and click on Broadcom MultiDownloader.exe file to launch the tool.

2) Now, download Lava Iris X5 Stock ROM archive package to your computer. Once downloaded, extract the package and save it in a folder in your computer.

3) Next, go to the Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool and follow this path to define the firmware folder: Settings -> Configuration (click on […] Button and select the folder where you have extracted the Stock ROM archive package in Step 2).

4) Once done, click on “Apply”. Now, switch off your smartphone and connect it to your computer while pressing the Volume Up and Down button simultaneously in the device.

5) If you have installed the Lava Iris X5 USB drivers successfully, then the Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool will identify your device after you connect it with the computer.

6) Now, just click on “Start All” button in Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool to start the flashing process, which will take few minutes to get completed.

7) Once the flashing process is over, you will get a success message in Green color. Now you can close the Broadcom MultiDownloader Tool and unplug your device from the computer.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished flashing Stock ROM on Lava Iris X5 Android smartphone. Whenever you flash a new ROM on your device, the first boot will take some time. So don’t panic if your device doesn’t boot up quickly after flashing the stock ROM.

If you encounter any issues while following this flashing procedure, do let me know via the comments section below.


  1. binginkosi says:

    can I download it on my phone or not

  2. Sathish says:

    You can do that!

  3. Prashant Shah says:

    how to root my lava iris x5 safely?

  4. Can you email the screenshots or video .I have followed the tutorial but it does not works for me .

  5. Prashant Shah says:

    Sir, After rooting my lava iris x5 successfully i am not able to boot it into recovery. Help me. Please!!!