How To Install CWM Recovery In Sony Xperia C Smartphone

Are you using Sony Xperia C Smartphone? Would you like to install custom ROM firmware on your device? Well, then you will need to install custom Recovery like CWM or TWRP recovery in your device. If you have no idea how to do it, then don’t worry. Here, I have given a step by step tutorial to install CWM recovery in Sony Xperia C Android smartphone.

But before getting started with the procedure, make sure that you have gained root privileges in your smartphone. If you are not sure how to do it, then follow these guides: 1) How To Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer, 2) How To Root Sony Xperia C (C2305), because without rooting, you won’t be able to install CWM recovery.

WARNING: Rooting your Xperia C smartphone will void its warranty. Also, if anything happens to your device while you follow the instructions given in this tutorial, don’t held me responsible. Please proceed at your own risk.

Install CWM Recovery In Sony Xperia C


1) Before getting started with the CWM recovery installation tutorial, make sure that you have rooted your Xperia C smartphone.

2) Next, make sure that you have enabled USB debugging mode in your device by following the path: Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging mode (just tick the box next to it, to enable this option). If you can’t see Developer options, then follow this path to enable it: Settings -> About Phone (tap on the build number for 5-7 times to enable Developer Options).

3) Make sure that you have an active internet connection in your device as you will need to download and install an app.

4) Download Sony Xperia C USB drivers and install it in your computer, so that you can connect your smartphone with the PC successfully.

Once you have done these prerequisites, you can move forward with the main installation tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Install CWM Recovery In Sony Xperia C:

1) To get started, download custom recovery image for Sony Xperia C into your computer.

2) Once done, connect your device with the computer using the original USB data cable. If you have installed the USB drivers already, the connection between the computer and the smartphone will be successful.

3) Now, transfer the downloaded recovery.img file (Step 1) to your device’s internal memory and not to its external memory (SD Card). Once done, disconnect your smartphone from the computer.

4) Next, go to Google Play Store, download and install MTK Mobile Uncle Tools in your smartphone. Once it is installed, open up the app, click on “Recovery Update” and select the recovery.img file to start the flashing process.

5) Once the flashing process is over, you will be redirected to the CWM recovery screen.

CWM Recovery Sony Xperia C

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing CWM recovery in Sony Xperia C android smartphone. If you encounter any issues while following this process, or if you have any queries regarding this tutorial, drop in a comment below.

7 thoughts on “How To Install CWM Recovery In Sony Xperia C Smartphone

  1. Hey Sathish,

    I am in serious trouble.
    I followed the steps mentioned above. But after selecting the recovery.img, the Mobile Uncle Tool asked “Are you sure flash recovery”, I clicked ‘OK’. Then it asked “reboot into recovery mod”, I clicked ‘OK’. Then the mobile got turned off. But it didn’t get turned on after that. I waited for around an hour. No use. Later I also tried pressing the power button which didn’t help. The reset button on the back side of the mobile didn’t help too.

    Please respond at the earliest! I am holding a dead mobile in hand now.

  2. Hi, rebooting into recovery won’t get your device bricked. Have you got it working again? If not, we will need to flash stock ROM in your device.

  3. Thanks for responding. Ya I got it working again.

    You missed a very important point in your procedure. Here is what you missed.

    This procedure won’t workout if the Xperia C’s S1 Boot Version is “2.14.J.0.68”. First the S1 boot version has to be changed by following the steps here:

  4. As Guna said earlier . My phone also met up with the same problem.
    I’m too having a dead phone on my hand. pls. tell me the way to return to normal state.