How to unlock bootloader of OnePlus X

OnePlus X is the third smartphone which is launched by OnePlus. This is the first ever 5-inch smartphone which is launched by the company. The device falls in the mid-range smartphone category. The OnePlus X comes with a 5.0-inch display screen which delivers the HD resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels. The processor which you get in the OnePlus X is a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 801 chipset processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz and coupled with 3 GB RAM. You can consider of OnePlus X as the smaller version of the OnePlus smartphone as there are very less changes in the hardware of both the to unlock bootloader of oneplus x

If you have bought the OnePlus X smartphone and want to unlock its bootloader you can check the unlocking guide we have shared below.

WARNING: Rooting your OnePlus X smartphone will void its warranty and you won’t be able to claim it back unless you unroot your smartphone. So, think well about this before getting started with the rooting procedure.

Pre Requisites

  • It is very important that you are having backup of your OnePlus X. Make sure you are having backup of all the contents of your OnePlus X smartphone with you.
  • Download and install drivers of OnePlus X on your computer. Once you have installed drivers of your smartphone on your PC you will be able to easily connect it with PC.
  • USB Debugging Mode needs to be enabled. You need to enable it from your OnePlus X. Go to Settings > About Phone. Once you are here tap on Build number 8 times. Now open Settings of your OnePlus X and open Developer Options. Enable USB debugging from here. Also enable OEM unlocking from here.
  • Your OnePlus X should have atleast 80% of battery in it.
  • Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC.

Once you have fulfilled all the pre-requisites you are ready to unlock bootloader of OnePlus X.

Guide to unlock bootloader of OnePlus X

Follow the step by step guide shared below which will help you to unlock bootloader of OnePlus X.

  1. Put your OnePlus X in fastboot mode. To enter Fastboot mode, press combination of Power + Volume Up You will see Fastboot mode written on your OnePlus X.
  2. Now connect your smartphone with your PC using a USB cable. The drivers of your OnePlus X will automatically get installed.
  3. The next thing which you need to do is open command window. In order to open command window press Shift Key and right mouse From the menu select Open command window here.
  4. Once you have entered fastboot mode and command window is opened select the command which we have shared below.

fastboot devices

You should see OnePlus X on the command window.

  1. Enter the next command which will unlock bootloader of OnePlus X.

fastboot oem unlock

On the screen of your OnePlus X you will see a notification. Select Yes there. In a couple of seconds the bootloader of your OnePlus X will get unlocked.

The bootloader of your OnePlus X smartphone is finally unlocked. Now you can proceed to rooting your device. We will share rooting guide in other post soon.


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