How to install custom recovery on LG V10 [TWRP]

When you want to root your LG device, you need to install custom recovery first. The easiest method to install custom recovery on LG V10 and many other phones is to flash TWRP recovery using your preferred method. Fortunately, TWRP recovery for this specific model is already available.

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install custom recovery on lg v10

LG V10 is a premium quality phone that comes loaded with modern smartphone features. It has a secondary screen and lets you shoot selfies like no other. This highly sought after device isn’t yet available all over the world but TWRP has already released a version for this feature-rich power house.

Step-by-step guide to install custom recovery on LG V10

You’d be familiar with this process if you have already installed custom recovery on LG G3 or any other recent device. However, you still need to download different files for this device.

Step 1:  Getting ready

  • Charge your phone and install LG V10 drivers on your PC. You can download these drivers from this link.
  • Next you need to install ADB and fastboot on your PC. If you don’t know how to do it, look for a tutorial on this site. You will find plenty of tutorials to setup ADB and fastboot. It should be fairly easy.
  • Download the TWRP recovery file. You can downloadTWRP recovery by clicking the link.

Step 2: Backing up important data

Make a backup for your important data. If you haven’t personalized your phone yet, you don’t have to make a data backup.

This process doesn’t delete any of your data either in phone memory or stored in SD card but it could corrupt data sometimes. Having a data backup could save you trouble.

Step 3: Reboot your phone and connect it to your PC

Once you have made a backup, it’s time to reboot your phone. Be sure to reboot in bootloader or fastboot mode. On seeing the bootloader screen, connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Now your phone is connected and ready to be played with.

Step 4: Open CMD on your PC

Assuming that you’re using Microsoft Windows on your PC, you just need to follow these steps to open command prompt (CMD) on your PC. We need to do the following steps in order to type some commands to flash custom recovery.

  • Find the recovery image your downloaded earlier.
  • Right click on the ZIP file and click ‘extract’.
  • Now you should have a file named something like recovery.img.
  • Right click where you see this file on a blank area inside Windows Explorer and click Open Command Window Here from context menu.
  • This should open CMD with access to your custom recovery folder on your PC.

Step 5: Flash custom recovery

Now it’s time to install custom recovery on LG V10. If you have installed LG V10 drivers and followed everything in the steps above, you should be able to write a command in CMD and flash your device. Follow these steps.

  • In CMD, type this command, without quotes “fastboot devcices”. You should see your phone listed in the device list that comes up after you hit enter.
  • Now type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and hit enter. Be sure to replace “recovery.img” with the name of your image file. You can name it anything after extracting if from the ZIP file you downloaded earlier.
  • Wait as custom recovery is being installed on your device.
  • Reboot your phone and enjoy TWRP on your phone.

Why do I need to install custom recovery on LG V10

If you install custom recovery on LG V10, you can then flash anything. You can flash SuperSU package and root your phone or you can choose to flash a custom ROM. You get total control over your phone once you have successfully installed a custom recovery. Primarily, you need custom recovery for the following two reasons.

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