How to root Huawei G8

Huawei G8 is one of the best phones that the company released last year. It is still being sold worldwide. Unfortunately, there aren’t any tutorial on the internet about how to root Huawei G8 since it’s nearly impossible to root this device.

Like always, I’ve found an easy way to root this device. You can use the same method to root Huawei G8 Lite.

Procedure: How to root Huawei G8

Although only a few people have been able to root their G8, a lot of people have tried doing so without success. Unfortunately, none of the popular rooting software works with Huawei G8.

You can’t even flash TWRP directly. The boatloader is locked and it won’t lock unless you follow the steps below.

how to root huawei g8

Step 1: Getting unlock code for your phone

When it comes to how to root Huawei G8, a lot of people don’t know about unlock codes. Since your phone is locked, you need to get unlock code to start the rooting process. Getting the unlocking code is easy as long as you follow these steps.

  • Visit and register an account as Huawei customer.
  • Now go to the unlocking page and accept the agreement.
  • After you accept the agreement, you will be asked to enter your phone model number. You can get this information from About Phone under Settings.
  • Now you will be asked to enter serial number and IMEI number.
  • Finally you will have to add a product ID that you can get by simply entering a code [*#*#1357946#*#*] on your phone.
  • Submit the information.
  • You will get an unlock code. Save it somewhere for later use.

Step 2: Unlock bootloader of Huawei G8

Once you have got the unlock code for your phone, it’s time to unlock the bootloader so you can flash TWRP and install SuperSU.

Follow the steps below. If you are using this tutorial to root Huawei G8 Lite, you might have to do few things differently in this step.

  • To unlock bootloader, you need to have certain tools. You can visit this link to download all these tools.
  • Unzip all the tools and find  afile named ‘
  • Copy this file to your SD card.
  • Go to About Phone under Settings on your phone and tap ‘build number’ ten times to activate developer mode.
  • Now go to developer options and activate OEM unlock.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Start it by holding volume down and power button simultaneously.
  • The phone should now load showing Fastboot Mode.
  • Now open command prompt on your PC and go to Huawei G8 folder that you unzipped earlier.
  • Now type “fastboot oem unlock [replace with unlock code you got in the first step]” without quotation marks and hit enter.
  • Provided you are inside the Huawei G8 folder and you have typed in the command correctly, your phone should be unlocked now.
  • Restart your phone.

Step 3: Root your unlocked phone

This step is the final step. Now you don’t need to know how to root Huawei G8. If you can root any other phone using TWRP, this step should be straightforward for you.

  • Start your phone and go to fastboot mode by holding volume up and power button keys.
  • Type “fastboot device’ without quotes and confirm your phone in the list that appears.
  • Now type “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img’ to install TWRP custom recovery.
  • Now you need to install SuperSU to complete the rooting procedure. You can install it using ‘install from Zip’ from fastboot menu. Point it to that you copied to your SD card earlier.
  • Reboot your phone and it should be rooted. Enjoy!

I hope this tutorial has solved your problem ‘how to root Huawei G8’. If you still have questions, ask in comments below.


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