How to root Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 is easily one of the best phones of 2016. With water-resistant build and excellent battery, Xperia Z5 is definitely worth purchasing. However, there is no straightforward solution to root Sony Xperia Z5 as there is no official TWRP recovery version for this model yet.

How to root Xperia Z – An overview

root sony xperia z5

To root Sony Xperia Z5, you need to play around with TWRP to install SuperSU. You don’t just have to install an unsupported TWRP but you also need to be familiar with command prompt as you will enter numerous commands. Moreover, you need to flash a custom kernel to root. This isn’t something for regular users so keep away if you have doubts about your ability to ‘geek’.

There is no One Click root for Sony Xperia Z yet. So if you are someone who wants an easy way out, rooting this smartphone isn’t your thing.

Download necessary files

How to root Sony Xperia Z5

To root Sony Xperia Z5, follow these steps carefully. Don’t make a mistake otherwise your phone will not work anymore.

Step 1: Set up connection and run command prompt 

  • Unlock bootloader on your phone.
  • Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  • Charge your device so that you don’t lose power when rooting.
  • Go to Settings on phone and enable USB Debugging.
  • Now enable Developer Options from Settings.
  • Go to folder where you downloaded your files including kernel, recovery and SuperSU.
  • Right click on a blank area inside this folder and click “Open Command Window Here”. A window with command prompt should open.
  • Now establish a connection between your PC and your device using a USB cable.

Step 2: Flash kernel

  • In command prompt, type “adb reboot bootloader” and hit enter. Look at the device screen as it might ask for certain permissions. It should restart if everything is OK.
  • Now your device will boot in bootloader Fastboot mode.
  • Now type “fastboot flash boot z5_stock_fixed.img” and hit enter. This command will flash the new kernel that you downloaded for this tutorial. Flashing a kernel is a risky step so be sure you do everything right here.

Step 3: Install TWRP recovery

  • Now you can boot your phone into recovery TWRP recovery. Since this is a broken recovery, you might not be able to use every feature. Just limit yourself to doing what is required in this tutorial. You can boot to recovery by typing “fastboot boot recovery.img” in command prompt.
  • Hit enter and your phone will go to recovery. Now mount system and partitions. You will need to enter a series of commands to achieve this.
    • “adb shell mount”
    • “adb shell cat /proc/partitions”
    • “adb shell mount /dev/block/platform/soc.0/by-name/userdata/data

Step 4: Install SuperSU

  • Now it’s time to install SuperSU. Simply type the following commands.
    • “adb push /data/media/o/”
    • “adb shell twrp install /data/media/o/”
    • “adb shell rm /data/media/o/”
    • “adb reboot”
  • Now your phone should reboot. If you did everything right and it comes back to life, you have completed root Sony Xperia Z5 procedure successfully.


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