How to Root Huawei Mate S Using Root Exploit

Huawei Mate S has good features apart from poor battery life. But do not get alarmed if you have Huawei Mate S and the battery is already troubling you as you can root Huawei Mate S with a simple rooting method.

Reason to root Huawei Mate S

root huawei mate s

When you root Huawei Mate S, you can get access to core features. Once you have root access, you can implement different tricks to improve your phone’s battery life. Although this is an easy-to-follow rooting technique, you will still need to enter some commands and your phone’s warranty will be void.

In a nutshell, this rooting technique has the following advantages.

  • Unlimited access to core features
  • Enhanced performance
  • Access to install root apps

I would suggest backing up your Mate S before rooting.

Please note that this procedure is only compatible with Huawei Mate S, therefore do not follow this guide on any other Android phone even if it’s running Lollipop.

How to root Huawei Mate S – Step by step guide

In order to root Huawei Mate S, you need to install TWRP recovery first. Once you have installed it, you can move root exploit to your phone and run it. When you run the root exploit, it will give you root access to your system.


Part 1

Installing TWRP Recovery

  • Install Android SDK on your computer if you’re using a computer running MS Windows. For MAC and Linux-based systems, setup Android Debug Bridge (ABD).
  • Access developer settings of your phone and select the OEM unlock function.
  • Download TWRP file and save it on your computer’s desktop.
  • Right click on this file and rename the .img to something easily memorable for you. For example twrp-hmates.img.
  • By using USB cable, connect your Mate S to your computer.
  • Go to command prompt and right click while holding the shift key on your keyboard to open command prompt.
  • Type ‘adb reboot bootloader’ in command prompt window and press enter. Your phone should be in fastboot mode after rebooting.
  • Now type ‘fastboot devices’ in command prompt to find your phone. If your device isn’t listed, please check that its USB drivers are properly installed.
  • Type ‘fastboot flash recovery twrp-hmates.img’ in command prompt window.
  • Now your phone will be flashed with TWRP.
  • Once the flashing process has completed, disconnect the USB cable and restart your Mate S.

Part 2

Gain Root Access 

  • Download root exploit (CF Auto Root) here.
  • Get your phone connected to your computer through USB cable.
  • You now need to transfer the root file onto your phone. Once transfer is complete, disconnect the USB cable from your phone.
  • Switch off your smartphone.
  • Switch on your phone now enter into recovery mode.
  • Choose‘Install’ and select the root file.
  • This will start the flashing process on your Mate S.
  • When flashed, go to recovery mode main menu and select‘reboot system now’.
  • Use ‘wipe data factory reset’ & ‘wipe cache partition’ from recovery mode in case you face boot loop issues.
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That’s it. Test root Huawei Mate S using any root-verification app. If you face any problems, please comment below.

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