Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you won Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’d definitely want to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The default ROM is great, especially if you like Samsung’s interface, but you’d want to upgrade. The easiest way to upgrade this phone to Lollipop is to install a ROM based on Lollipop. Today, you will learn to install one such ROM. The ROM you’re going to install is DarthStaker and it’s considered one of the best custom ROMs for this phone.

install custom rom on samsung galaxy note 5

Preparing to install a custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

So if you want to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, here is your chance. This tutorial will explain everything in detail. All you need to do is to follow the tutorial. However, before you proceed, there are a few important things you need to do.

  • Charge your phone. that’s the first thing you do whenever rooting or upgrading your phone. Never proceed with a rooting or updating tutorial unless your phone has 80% battery.
  • You will need to root your phone before you can proceed with this tutorial. You will later install TWRP which needs a rooted phone. Follow the link below to root your phone.

LINK: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 5

When following this link, please keep in mind that it doesn’t work on other Note series phones. If you want to know how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or other another Note phone, please search this website.¬†

  • You also need to install a custom recovery on your phone. You can’t install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 until you have a custom recovery. I prefer using TWRP for this purpose but you can choose any other recovery if you want.

LINK: Install custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Be sure that you understand the risks associate with this tutorial. When you root or update your phone, your warranty will be void. Moreover, if anything happens to your phone and it ends up being bricked, we won’t be responsible for that. You proceed at your own risk from this step onward.

How to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Now you are all set to install custom ROm on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • Download DarthStalker to your computer by simply visiting this link. The file will take some time to download so be patient.
  • The downloaded ROM should be a zip file. Don’t unzip it. Move this zipped file to your mobile from your computer. You can easily use a USB cable to copy data from your computer to your mobile.
  • To install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you need to first wipe data on your phone using recovery mode. You can go to recovery mode by restarting your phone and entering recovery by pressing specific combination of hardware keys.
  • Once you have wiped data on your phone, it’s time to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You should go stay in recovery mode and look for ‘install from ZIP’.
  • You will need to navigate to the ROM zip file that you copied to your phone. Start the process now.
  • It should take a few minutes. Your phone may restart several times during this process. Once the process completes, restart the phone to run DarthStalker ROM on your phone.

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