Learn to Root HTC Desire 526 – Working Method

HTC Desire 526 was announced back in July 2015. The phone is a mid-range Android device that has a large display size and it’s powered by Snapdragon 210 processor. The phone is capable of delivering great performance, as good as high end phones, once you root HTC Desire 526.

root HTC Desire 526

Rooting this device is easy if you have a European or Indian variant but it’s difficult with other variants. This method is for these Indian and European variants only.

Why root HTC Desire 526


When you root HTC Desire 526, you have more control over what you install on your phone. You can easily install apps outside Google Play. You can also install apps that require root permission only after you have successfully rooted your phone. A phone with root permission will also let you fine-tune system such as improving battery performance, overclocking processor and so on.

Now you will learn how to root HTC Desire 526. Be sure you follow instructions closely to avoid damaging your phone. Remember, you’re responsible for whatever happens to your phone if you make a mistake.

How to root HTC Desire 526

To root HTC Desire 526, you need to download the following files first.

  • Kingroot APK: You need to download this app before you can proceed with the tutorial. We will use this app to root your device. It works on European and Indian variants but not on other variants. You will have to wait for a month or so before Kingroot adds support for other variants of HTC Desire 526.
  • HTC drivers for PC: You will need these drivers in order to connect your phone with your PC. We will be establishing the connection between your phone and PC in order to transfer the Kingroot APK to your device.

Once you downloaded these files, proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Move Kingroot to your SD card

Keep in mind that this method only works on Desire 526 and not on HTC Desire 516 or HTC Desire 620.

The first step to root HTC Desire 526 is to move Kingroot apk to your SD card.

To move the file to your SD card, you can connect your phone with your PC using a USB cable. You will need to install phone drivers on your PC for this method to work.

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You can also move files to your SD card by taking it out of your phone and using a USB card reader. Put the card in the reader and plug the reader to your PC through the USB port. You can transfer files to your SD card now just as you move files to a USB drive.

Once you have moved the Kingroot APK to your phone, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Install Kingroot apk

Now you need to install the app you just copied to your SD card.

To install, you just need to navigate to the file on your phone and run it. If you haven’t enabled ‘install from untrusted sources’ in your phone settings, you won’t be able to install anything outside Google Play. So make sure this option is enabled.

Installation should be a breeze. Just follow on-screen prompts.

Step 3: Root HTC Desire 526

Go to your app drivers and find the Kingroot app icon that you just installed.

Click on the app icon and it will open the app. Once the app is running on your screen, look for the big Root button. Click it.

Now wait until the progress reaches 100%. Once done, restart your phone. It should be rooted now.

You can now check root HTC Desire 526 using any root verification app from Google Play.

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