How to Root Infinix Phones Using Kingroot [Universal Method]

If you own an Infinix phone, you’re definitely in good hands. Infinix Mobility has excellent customer support and they continually provide updates to their software using OTA facility. Due to many developers building custom ROMs, there is every chance that you’d want to root Infinix phone to open up to more possibilities. Here you will learn a universal method to root Infinix phones.

Root Infinix Phones

Will this method work on my Infinix phone?

Since this is a universal method, it will work on almost every Infinix phone out there. Even if Kingroot isn’t supporting your specific model of Infinix phone, there will be an update soon and your phone will be there.

As of now, users have reported that this method works for the Hot Note and Hot Note Pro, Hot X507, Infinix Zero, Infinix Eagle and Infinix Hot 2. If you try this method, we encourage you to tell us whether it worked for your model or not in the comments.

Additional Resources: Root Your Infinix Hot Note [if this method doesn’t work]

How to root Infinix phones using KingRoot apk?

KingRoot app is a magic app really when it comes to rooting any phone. You can root Infinix phones using this app but that’s not it. This app will also work on number of other phones as well.

This app answers a lot of your queries about Infinix phones.

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  • How to root Infinix without a PC
  • Root Infinix Zero X506

Procedure : Root Infinix Phones using Kingroot

It’s easy to gain root access on your Android phone manufactured by Infinix Mobility. All you have to do is to install Kingroot app and follow on-screen prompts. Here are complete instructions.

  • Enable internet on your mobile phone. You will need to keep it enabled during this procedure.
  • Download Kingroot apk by visiting this link on your phone. You won’t find this app in Google Play Store.
  • Now it’s time to install Kingroot app so that you can finally root Infinix phone. You will need to follow these steps to install the app.
    • Enable installation from unknown sources on your Infinix mobile by going to Unknonw Sources under Security under Settings.
    • Now use file browser to find the Kingroot apk you just downloaded. If you downloaded the file on your PC, move it to your mobile SD card and run it from there. You can easily connect your Android phone to a PC using a USB cable. If you have no idea about what I’m talking, try downloading the app on your mobile instead of bringing in a PC.
    • It should take a few seconds to install the app. Once installed, you can finally root Infinix phones. Ideally, there should be no popups and you should have a smooth installation. If problems found, please report.
    • Launch the app once you have installed it on your phone.
    • There will be a big blue button in the middle of the app. Click on it and wait for the process to finish.
    • Once this process finishes, your phone is rooted.

Restart your phone and start using it. You can verify root status of your Infinix phone by simply downloading a root verification app. You can also check your phone’s root status in Kingroot app.

Once rooted, you can consider to install a custom ROM on your Infinix phone. 

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