How to root Samsung Galaxy J7

If you own Samsung Galaxy J7, there is every reason to root it. Once you root Samsung Galaxy J7 , you can get a lot more out of your phone. For example, you can increase battery life, improve system speed and even change the way your core Android system looks. Although this rooting won’t change Samsung Galaxy J7 specification, it would improve its overall performance a great deal.

root samsung galaxy j7

Why use this rooting technique?

Rooting Samsung J7 is easy, especially if you have already rooted Samsung Galaxy J5. It’s essentially the same rooting procedure with a few twists and tricks. This is kind of a universal rooting technique for J7 as you can use it on any firmware. There are plenty of other reasons to use this technique.

  • You can use it to root Samsung Galaxy J7 running any firmware. So every time you upgrade your firmware or install a custom ROM, you can come back to this method and root your device again. You don’t have to look for a new method every time. I suggest you bookmark it if you plan to play around with your device.
  • It’s an easy procedure. There are no risks if you follow along with care. It’s true that rooting will void your warranty but I’m sure you have already thought about it if you have decided to root Samsung Galaxy J7.
  • You can unroot your phone at any time if you use this rooting method. I will give you guys an unrooting tutorial as soon as I get back to J7. For now, I’m going back to my Infinix devices and giving you some more tutorials on new upgrades that just got here.

How to root Samsung Galaxy J7 – Summary

To root your phone, you simply need to flash a custom recovery image and then run the root exploit. The root exploit you will use in this method is CF Auto Root.  Once you root your phone, you can always unroot it later to take advantage of OTA updates.


For this tutorial to work, you will first need to install a custom recovery image. You can easily install TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone.

How to root Samsung Galaxy J7 – Step by step procedure

Step 1

Download CF Auto Root. You will need this root exploit to root Samsung Galaxy J7. Once you have downloaded the file, move it to your desktop.

Step 2

Connect your device with your PC. Use a USB cable to establish a connection.

Once the connection is established, move CF Auto Root zip file to your device. Don’t unzip this file.

Step 3

Now you are going to start flashing your phone so make sure it is charged above 50%. You don’t want to brick your phone only because you forgot to charge it before flashing it.

Restart your phone and go to recovery mode. Remember, this tutorial assumes that you have already installed TWRP or another custom recovery on your phone.

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Once you see the recovery menu, go to ‘install’. It will ask you to provide path to the file. Browse to the CF Auto Root zip file. Now start the flashing process and wait.

Once your device is flashed with CF Auto Root, reboot it. It should be rooted now

Step 4

In case your phone doesn’t come out of a boot loop after you flash CF Auto root, you need to wipe data and reset phone to factory settings from recovery. Additionally, you may have to wipe cache as well to get out of boot loop.

Repeat the procedure from step 1. Hopefully, there will be no boot loop this time.


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