Upgrade HTC Desire 526 to Lollipop

I know a lot of you still have the HTC Desire 526 running on Android V4.2. With the new Marshmallow update out there for various other phones, I know you guys want to upgrade. Unfortunately, there is no Marshmallow upgrade HTC Desire 526 out there yet so you can only upgrade to Lollipop for now. Follow this tutorial to update your HTC smartphone.

upgrade htc desire 526

Do I really need to upgrade HTC Desire 526?

The Lollipop upgrade has been out for long now. It has been approved as a definitive improvement over the older Android system. It improves system stability and brings various new features to your Android device. There is really no reason to run an older version when you can easily upgrade HTC Desire 526 to Lollipop.

I know it’s difficult for some of you to upgrade using risky methods. That’s the reason I’ve introduced this easy method to upgrade HTC Desire 526. This method won’t break your set as long as you follow along carefully.

ROOT HTC DESIRE 526 using this method

How to upgrade HTC Desire 526 to Lollipop

WARNING: This method works only for HTC Desire 526 and not for HTC Desire 526 G+ or other variants. Trying to upgrade another phone using this method might lead to phone not working at all.


  • Be sure that your phone battery is charged
  • Be sure that your phone is HTC Desire 526
  • Make sure you have a working internet connection and access to a PC or a laptop

NOTE: There is no official upgrade HTC Desire 526 to Lollipop. This is a custom ROM based on Lollipop. Your warranty will be void after you flash this ROM on your phone. 

I know you’re getting desperate now. I will take you to the tutorial right away.

Step 1: 

First, you need to download a custom ROM based on Lollipop to upgrade HTC Desire 526. You can download a custom ROM from a website of your choice but if you need a link for the ROM that I used for this tutorial, please get it here.

Step 2:


Once you have downloaded the ROM file, you need to install a ROM manager app. The best one you can get from Google Play store is ROM Manager. This app will let you switch between different ROMs. However, we only have one ROM to update HTC Desire 526.

Step 3:

You also need to install a custom recovery to install the ROM using ROM Manager app. I recommend using Clockwork mod recovery. You can get it form official website as well as from Google Play Store.

Step 4:

Now you need to connect your mobile to your PC and move the ROM file to the SD card on your mobile. This should be fairly easy if you have ever transferred any files from your PC to your mobile.

Step 5:

I know you’ve already completed four steps and you want this to end now. Don’t panic yet. This is the final step to upgrade HTC Desire 526 to Lollipop Android.

Go to recovery mode after restarting your phone. Delete all data including Delvik cache from recovery. You will see an option for this operation in the main menu.

Now choose Flash ROM and proceed. Provide the path to the ROM file (ZIP file) that you downloaded. It should take a few minutes to complete the upgrade to Lollipop.


Enjoy your upgraded HTC Desire 526!

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