Learn to Root Xiaomi Mi 5

Do you own a Xiaomi Mi 5 that you wish would have less lag and run smoother even when playing games? There is a way. You can root Xiaomi Mi 5 and improve system performance using root apps.  Here is how to root Xiaomi Mi 5.

root xiaomi mi 5

A quick look at Xiaomi Mi 5

Before you root your phone, you’d want to take a look at Xiaomi Mi 5 specifications. This will give you an idea of what you got and how much you can improve it after gaining root access to your device. Here are Xiaomi Mi 5 specifications.

  • IPS LCD with capacitive touchscreen
  • Corning Gorilla glass with multitouch
  • Dual Core processor
  • 16 MP camera with autofocus
  • Fast battery charging with Quick Charge 3.0

Xiaomi is a high value phone considering the price you pay for it. There are numerous Xiaomi Mi 5 reviews out there that have tagged it as the best budget phone of 2016.

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Requirements for rooting Xiaomi Mi 5

In order to root Xiaomi Mi 5, you need to follow these requirements.

  • Find a PC where you can connect your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Download Super SU from this link.
  • Enable USB debugging for your phone. You will need to do this in order to root Xiaomi Mi 5.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged before you proceed.
  • Be sure your phone is Xiaomi Mi 5 and not Xiaomi Mi 4 or another model. This tutorial works only with Mi 5.
  • When you root your phone using this method, your warranty will be lost. So be sure you measure pros and cons of rooting a phone before you go ahead with this method.

Method: How to root Xiaomi Mi 5

In order to root Xiaomi Mi 5, you will have to follow this simple method. This method has numerous steps. Be sure to follow all the steps. Skipping a step may leave you with a bricked phone in the end.

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Step 1: Install SuperSU 

The first step to root Xiaomi Mi 5 is to install SuperSU package. Here is how to achieve this.

  • Download Super SU from the link provided above.
  • Once downloaded, move the file to your smartphone using a USB cable. You can easily connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC once you have installed USB drivers.
  • After moving the file to your phone, power off your phone and reboot it into Recovery.
  • When you’re in recovery mode, find ‘Install ZIP from SD Card” and select it.
  • Give the path to the Super SU recovery that you moved to your phone and install it.

Step 2: Root Xiaomi Mi 5

  • Now it’s time to root your phone. Simply reboot the phone and go to recovery again.
  • Clear app data cache from recovery and reset phone to factory data.
  • Finally, wipe cache partition from recovery menu.
  • Restart your phone and check root status. You have root access to your Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone.

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