How to root Lenovo Vibe K5

If you are owner and user of Lenovo Vibe K5, you must be curious about getting root privileges on Lenovo. This guide will cover all the necessary steps which you need to follow to root Lenovo Vibe K5. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully so you don’t damage your phone.

Root Lenovo Vibe K5 easy tutorial

Note:  This guide will only cover Lenovo Vibe K5. So, I better suggest you do not try this guide on other device such Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus.

Precautions Before You Root Lenovo Vibe K5

There is nothing difficult about the rooting procedure, although you should know a few things before you root Lenovo vibe k5.

  • By Rooting Lenovo K5, manufacturer’s warranty will be lost.
  • If your device shuts down during the rooting process, your phone might be in brick mode.
  • Rooting your phone will not affect your data but still it’s always better to make a backup.

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Getting ready to root Lenovo Vibe K5

  • Charge your device up to 80% minimum.
  • Backup your Data e.g contacts, SMS and apps.
  • You need to enable Developer Options on your phone in order to proceed with the tutorial. To enable developer options, follow the instructions below.
    • Go to Settings in your phone. From there, find ‘about phone’ and click it. Then you will see Build Number. You should tap it seven times and developer options will be enabled on your device.
  • Now it’s time to enable USB Debugging. Here is how to do it quickly.
    • Tick the “USB Debugging” checkbox from the developer options from Settings
  • Let’s enable “OEM unlock” now so that we can proceed to the next steps.
    • Tick the “oem checkbox” from developer options
  • Install driver ADB drivers for Lenovo
  • Finally, you will need to download TWRP file so that you can install custom recovery on your phone.

Guide to install TWRP on your device and root Lenovo Vibe K5

Step 1: Unzip the TWRP file that you downloaded earlier. After unzipping, install the downloaded TWRP on your phone.

Step 2:  Open the folder where you unzipped TWRP file and open CMD over there by right clicking on it.

Step 3: Connect your Lenovo K5 to your PC using a USB cable. Now you need to enter the following command and hit enter.

  • “Fastboot reboot bootloader”

This command will turn your phone into fastboot mode.

Step 4: Now Flash TWRP recovery on your phone. You will need to enter the following command. Be sure to copy the command exactly as given but without quotes. Hit enter after entering the command.

  • “fastboot flash recovery twrp-k5-3.0.2-r1_shreps.img”

Step 5: Reboot the pone to normal mode using the following command. You can also reboot into fastboot manually but let’s do it with a quick command here.

  • “fastboot reboot” {Hit enter after entering the command. Your phone will reboot now}

Step 6: This is your final step to root Lenovo Vibe K5.

Copy the SuperSU file to your phone and restart the device into recovery mood by holding the the hardware button combination. Once in recovery mode, find ‘Install from ZIP’ option. Navigate to SuperSU file and wait for the flashing process to finish. Once it finishes, your phone will be rooted.

Congratulations you have successfully Rooted Lenovo Vibe K5. You can check it by downloading and installing root checker app from Google play store. This app will report your phone’s root status within a second.


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