How to Unlock Bootloader HTC Desire 826 – XDA Tutorial

If you own an HTC Desire 826 and you want to root it or install a custom ROM, you will need to unlock its bootloader first. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to unlock bootloader HTC Desire 826 within a few minutes.

unlock bootloader htc desire 826

Install Android SDK and Download Modaco Superboot

First, you need to install SDK with all packages. You can download it from official Android Developer website.

Once you have downloaded SDK, follow instructions from official website to install it along with all packages.

If you face any difficulties installing Android SDK tools, you can connect with support. The SDK support is excellent and they are always ready to help you get rolling. Just be sure to go a quick Google search before asking for support.

As soon as SDK is installed, visit this link to download Modaco Superboot. You need this program to unlock bootloader HTC Desire 826.

Now extract the downloaded file into a folder on your PC. We will come back to it at a later stage in this unlocking tutorial.

Unlock Bootloader HTC Desire 826 using Superboot

Now it’s time to proceed to the final few steps to unlock bootloader HTC Desire 826. Follow the steps below.

  • Turn on Developer Options and then enable USB debugging mode.
  • Switch off your device and connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Make sure you have installed USB drivers for HTC. If not, get them from here.
  • Go to the folder where you extracted the Superboot files.
  • Find an empty space and right click while holding the shift key.
  • A right context menu will pop up. Look for ‘Open Command Window Here’ and click it.
  • A Windows command prompt (CMD) window will open. You will need to enter certain commands here.
  • Now enter the following commands in the sequence given below.
    • adb-windows reboot bootloader
    • fastboot-windows oem unlock
  • Look at your device screen. You should see a popup asking for permission. Click “Yes” and wait. Your device will boot again but this time it will go back to bootloader screen.
  • Read it carefully. Do you see ‘unlocked’ written there? That’s it. Your device is now unlocked. You have completed this tutorial to unlock bootloader HTC Desire 826.

Troubleshooting – Did you face any problems during unlocking tutorial?

I’m sure the tutorial was easy. But still, if you have faced any problems, look below.

Problem: This tutorial isn’t just working on my device.

Solution: What’s your device? Are you trying to unlock bootloader HTC Desire 816 or any other phone? This tutorial won’t work for sure. It only works for HTC Desire 826.

Problem: I’m not being able to select “Yes” when device asks for permission in the final step.

Solution: Simply press the volume keys. When you’re in recovery or in bootloader mode, only hardware keys are available. You can use volume up, volume down, and power key for doing various tasks on these pre-boot screens.

Problem: My mobile is stuck at ‘waiting for device’ when using ‘fastboot-windows oem unlock’ command in CMD.

Solution: Some users might face this problem when unlock bootloader HTC command doesn’t work. To solve it, simply download PDANet for your PC. Unplug the phone and plug it back again after a few seconds. Your phone will be detected now.

Problem: The link for Superboot isn’t working for me. 

Solution: Try this alternate link.

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