Update Lenovo K4 to Marshmallow – OTA and Manual Method Included

There is a good news for Lenovo owners. You can now update Lenovo K4 Note to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The update is available in selected countries but even if you haven’t received the official update on your phone via Over The Air (OTA), you can still update your phone manually.

update lenovo k4 to marshmallow manually

Keep reading to find out how to get Marshmallow on your phone.

What’s so good about the new Marshmallow update?

The new Android update is one of the best things that happened to Android OS. With this new update, you can enjoy many new features on your phone. Additionally, this new version delivers great performance even on average devices.

There are many other features that make Marshmallow the best update for Android phones in the history. Here are some of these awesome features.

  • The new doze mode puts your phone at standby mode when not in use. This extends battery life.
  • New app permissions in this version let you take control of how apps connect with other apps and important phone modules. This means you can control how apps connect with other apps.
  • This new update manages memory better than before. Now your Android phone will always have free memory so you can run more apps and enjoy multi-tasking without facing performance issues.

How to get Android 6.0 on Lenovo K4

Lenovo users can get the latest Android update on their phones using OTA feature as well as using manual update feature. I will explain both methods in this guide. First, let’s look at OTA method.

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  1. OTA Method

    You can update Lenovo K4 to Marshmallow using OTA update. However, it is only available in some countries and that means not all of you can get this update. That’s the only problem with OTA update.
    To get this update via OTA, you need to go to Settings. From there find About Phone. Once you click it, you will be able to check for the latest updates. If there is an update available, you will be asked to update phone by ‘agreeing to terms’. Once you do, your phone will start updating itself.

  2. Manual Method to update Lenovo K4 to Marshmallow

    The other method is manual. You will use this method if the OTA method doesn’t work. This method involves a few steps so I will explain it in detail below.

    1. The first step to update Lenovo K4 to Marshmallow is to download the update file. If you don’t have the update file, you can’t update your phone. It’s that simple.
      Download the file here.
    2. Once you have the file, the remaining procedure is easy. But before you go on and update your phone, here are a few things you need to add to your checklist.
      • Is your phone fully charged?
      • Have you made a backup of your data?
      • Do you have free space on your phone?
    3. If you have crossed out everything from the above-mentioned checklist, it’s time to move on to the next step. In this step, you will extract the zip file that you downloaded in step 1. It’s an important step as you won’t be able to use the required files unless you have extracted them from the zip file.
    4. The zip package that you extracted above contains a tool. You can run the tool by double-clicking flash_tool.exe file.
    5. Once the flash tool loads, you need to load the scatter file. The scatter file is named MT6753_Android_scatter.txt and it’s present in the package that you downloaded earlier.
    6. Now click scatter loading in flash tool. Provide file path to scatter file and hit the download button.
    7. Now connect your device to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. Make sure you have installed USB drivers otherwise your PC won’t detect your phone. Remember, your phone should be switched off when connected to PC for flashing.
    8. Now wait for the flash tool to finish the procedure. Once completed, restart your phone and download updates from System Updates on your phone. You will have three updates there. Download all of them. You need them to update Lenovo K4 to Marshmallow.
    9. When you download these files, they will merge into one update.zip file on your mobile. Copy it to the SD card and restart your device into recovery mode by holding volume up, volume down, and power button together.
    10. From recovery, go to update via zip and load the update.zip file that we downloaded in step 8.
    11. That’s it. Your phone will automatically update and restart. It will run the latest Marshmallow Android now.


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