How To Root Oppo F1 Plus Without PC

Today, you will learn How To Root Oppo F1 Plus Without PC. This smartphone comes with 5.0 inch IPS LCD, 1.7 GHz Quad-core processor, and 3 GB RAM.


How To Root Oppo F1 Plus Without PC

Risks to Root Android Device

There are some risks which are related to the rooting of an Android device.

  1. Rooting can give you a headache when it comes to phone security. You will need to make sure that you have a reliable anti-virus app installed on your phone after rooting it to keep the hackers away. You don’t want people to steal important data from your phone.
  2. Rooting can also affect the warranty of your device. This means you won’t be able to claim warranty once the phone is rooted. The phone manufacturers exclusively state this in warranty policy.
  3. When you root your phone, you won’t be able to update it using the official over-the-air (OTA) update feature.
  4. When you root your phone, you may have to do away with certain errors.
  5. Sometimes, rooting can brick your device, especially when it turns off during the root procedure. A bricked phone is useless and the only thing you can do with it is to give it kids to use it as a brick.

Although rooting has some potential issues, it is still a great way to take control of your phone. Once rooted, you can customize your phone just the way you want.

Benefits of a rooted Android Device

There are many important and fundamental reasons not to root an Android device. But nowadays users want to have complete control over their Android device so that they can personalize it.

Below are the reasons to root Oppo F1 Plus.

  1. Rooting will give you full control over an Android device.
  2. Rooting will help you to save space on your phone.
  3.  For some applications to run on your phone, you need to gain root access.
  4. Rooting allows you to install a custom ROM on your Android device.
  5. By rooting, you can block advertisements on apps seamlessly.
  6. Rooting will help you to save battery power by making your phone more efficient.

How To Root Oppo F1 Plus Without PC?

Before you root Oppo F1 Plus without PC, follow these instructions.

  • Charge your device 100% to avoid problems during the procedure.
  • Backup your essential data.
  • Enable ‘Unknown Source’, go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Source. After enabling Unknown sources, you can easily install apps from outside the Play Store. We need to do that since the rooting app that we will use in this tutorial isn’t available on Google Play Store.

If you are looking to root Oppo F1 and not the Plus version, you can visit the guide here. 

How to install Farmaroot rooting App?

Now download and install Farmaroot rooting App on your Oppo F1 Plus. You can visit this link to download this app from outside the Play Store.

After you have installed Framaroot app, select the option of ‘install Superuser’ from the main screen. Now go to options in Framaroot and select  ‘Gandalf’ exploits.

Once the ‘Gandalf exploit’ has rooted your phone, you will see a pop up congratulating you for the successful procedure.

If you don’t see the message of completion on display, then click on ‘Aragorn’ exploit and your device will be rooted.


Now reboot your device to complete the procedure and to gain the root privileges to your system.


You have rooted your device Successfully. If you want to get root confirmation, install RootChecker App from the Google Play Store.

This App will show the root status of your device. Keep reading our guides and tutorials and share with your friends so that everyone can personalize and root Oppo F1 Plus.

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