Learn to Root Vivo V3 Max with this Easy Guide

The good news: You can now root Vivo V3 Max with the help of this easy and step-by-step guide. It’s one of the easiest methods that you can find online.Learn to Root Vivo V3 Max with this Easy Guide

Before we start rooting this phone, let’s spend a minute to look at some top features of this handset.

Why is Vivo V3 Max the best phone in this budget?

Vivo V3 Max is a powerful phone. It boasts a Quad Core processor with IPS LCD. Here are some of the best technical features of this device.

  • Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 5.0-inch capacitive touch LCD
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal memory

Unfortunately, this phone comes with an older version of Android OS. However, you can update it with a custom ROM of your choice after you have rooted the handset using this guide.

So now there is one more reason to keep reading. 

Let’s root Vivo V3 Max – The Ultimate Rooting Guide

So now you know what’s good for this device and you also know where this phone lags behind its competitors, it’s time to root it. Once you root Vivo V3 Max, you can install the latest custom firmware and enjoy features from the recent Android update.

Before we root this phone, it’s important that you read the warnings below.

Warnings: Make sure you READ them CAREFULLY 

  • Rooting isn’t recommended by this phone manufacturer. This means that your warranty will be lost as soon as you root the handset.
  • Although it’s easy to root, you can actually end up with a dead phone. Don’t make any mistake while rooting the handset.
  • If you phone turns off due to an empty battery during the rooting procedure, you will have to throw the handset away. So make sure you have charged your device before you jump to the procedure below.
  • If you are expecting the manufacturer to deliver OTA updates for your device, then don’t root Vivo V3 Max. The OTA feature doesn’t work on rooted phones.
    OTA update center

I’m sure you understand clearly what’s written above. From this point on, you are the only one responsible if something happens to this phone.

We, or any third-party, doesn’t take any responsibility for your actions and for anything that might happen to the handset during this procedure.

Despite these warnings, rooting is an easy thing and I absolutely recommend it if you can follow few simple instructions. 

The procedure to root your phone

Follow these few easy steps below to root Vivo V3 Max in under five minutes.

  • Make a backup of your important files stored on the internal memory of your phone.
  • Install USB drivers for Vivo. You can download them here.
  • Now enable USB debugging feature on that phone. You will find this setting under Developer Options.
  • Now you need to download Rootkit that we will use to root this device in the next step. Download this rooting here.
  • Install this software (Rootkit) on your computer by double-clicking the downloaded file. Once installed, run the program and connect the handset to the PC using a standard USB cable.
  • A Rootkit will recognize your phone instantly. Click the green Root Now button.
    Press the Root Button
  • Now wait for the program to complete the rooting procedure.
    android rooted
  • Once completed, unplug this phone and enjoy rooted Vivo V3 Max. Go ahead and install a custom ROM of your choice now.


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