Download Xperia Stock ROMs

Are you using an Xperia Smartphone? Would you want to get stock ROM for your Xperia smartphone? Well, you are in the right web page. Here, we have managed to provide stock ROM’s for all Xperia smartphones and tablets.

All the stock ROM’s we have given below are provided by Xperia officially. So, don’t worry about the authenticity of these Stock ROMs. Download the one based on your device’s model number, install it and enjoy the stock Android experience.

Download Xperia Stock ROM

Download Xperia Stock ROM For All Models:

Xperia Device Download Link Model number
Xperia Z Download C6602
Xperia Z Download D6603
Xperia Z1 Compact Download D5503
Xperia Z1 Download D6903
Xperia T2 Ultra Download D5303
Xperia Z3 Download D5503
Xperia Z2 Download D6503
Xperia Z3 Compact Download D5803
Xperia Z3 Download D6653
Xperia C3 Download D2533
Xperia E1 Dual Download D2105


1) If you encounter any issues while installing these Stock ROMs, then contact Xperia phones support team as these stock ROMs are provided officially by them.

2) If you would like to get rooting tutorial or firmware upgrade tutorial for your Xperia Android device, let us know by using the contact page.

3) If you would want to get rooting tutorials or custom ROM installation tutorials for these Xperia smartphones, contact us today with your device model number.

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