Installing Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat ROM on LG G5

In the guide below, we will be going through a step by step guide for installing Lineage OS 14.1 Nougat ROM on your an LG G5 (Intl)(H850) device. Here’s how to Install Lineage OS on LG G5 :

Install Lineage OS on LG G5



Although installing custom ROM your phone gives you admin control of your phone but it also involves a lot of risk. Failing to follow the steps properly can result in bricking your device and the repair can cost the price of the phone itself. After installing custom ROM, you cannot claim warranty in case your device malfunctions in future.


Please make sure to go through these prerequisites prior to installing custom ROM.

  • The method is specific for LG G5 Intl H850. Don’t attempt this method on other variants.
  • Your phone must be rooted.
  • You need to have a custom recovery (i.e TWRP) installed on your device. Stock recovery won’t work.
  • The process wipes data from your device, so please create a backup of your important data on an SD-card or PC.
  • Make sure you have a battery backup of at least 50%.
  • In this guide, we presume that you are installing the custom ROM for the first time on your device.

Install Lineage OS on LG G5 :

Follow the below steps carefully to Install Lineage OS on LG G5 .

  • First of all, download the download the Lineage Nougat GApps and LG G5 Lineage OS Nougat  ROM  on your PC.
  • Connect your device to PC using a USB/data cable. Please ensure your PC has the right drivers and it detects your device.
  • Copy/Paste the downloaded files from your PC to your phone’s directory. Avoid pasting in folders/subfolders.
  • Now disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it off.
  • Now you need to boot into custom recovery of the phone (i.e CWM, TWRP). For that purpose, Press the Power+Volume down buttons together to enter the recovery mode of your phone.
  • Once, you have successfully entered the recovery mode. Wipe the data by tapping the “Wipe” option.
  • After wiping data, perform a factory reset of the phone by selecting “Swipe to Factory Reset“.
  • Now flash the Lineage OS zip file that you lately copied to your device storage. Approve the process by tapping “Swipe to Confirm Flash“.
  • Once the process of flashing the ROM is successful and you get the message “Successful” on the screen then proceed to  flash the GApps zip that’s also located in your device main storage. Approve the process by tapping “Swipe to Confirm Flash“.
  • Once this process completes, a message “Successful” appears on the screen. Now, reboot the device.
  • The last step is to verify. For that, head over to Settings>About phone to check the installed ROM.

In case you encountered a problem, leave it below in the comment section. We will try our best to reply and rectify it.

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