How to Root Xiaomi Mi Max – Takes Only 5 Minutes!

Xiaomi has already gained a huge fan base after its recent expansion of distribution in Europe and Asia. If you have also liked what this Chinese company has offered, you may have bought the new and exciting Mi Max smartphone. This article explains how to Root Xiaomi Mi Max so that you can unleash the full power packed under this budget phone.

How to Root Xiaomi Mi Max - Takes Only 5 Minutes!

The good news is that you can root Xiaomi Mi Max without having to use a computer. This tutorial will focus on this method but if you want to root it using a PC, keep coming back as I’m planning to post a tutorial for that in the coming days.

Before you root this phone using this method, be sure to check these requirements.

  • Double-check your phone model. This tutorial is to root Xiaomi Mi Max only. Don’t use this to root any other Xiaomi phone.
  • Charge your phone to 80% so that it doesn’t shut down during the root procedure. If this happens, you may have to say goodbye to your phone for good.
  • Make sure you understand that rooting will void warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Be sure to install TWRP or another custom recovery on your phone before you proceed with this tutorial.

Root Xiaomi Mi Max – Without using a PC

Now that you have checked the requirements and you think rooting is the way to go for you, follow the instructions below to root Xiaomi Mi Max.

NOTE: This tutorial doesn’t require you to use a PC. So you only need to have your phone with you along with an internet connection. You can use phone data or connect to WiFi connection for this tutorial.

Here is another guide for you to learn more about Rooting process: How to Root Oppo Find 7

Follow the steps below to root your phone without using a PC.

  • To root your phone without a computer, we need to download SuperSU. This root app will help you gain root permissions on your phone. Download SuperSU for Xiaomi here.SuperSU
  • After you have downloaded the SuperSU zip package, place it in the root folder on your phone. Don’t place it in SD card otherwise, you will need to make changes in the steps below.
  • Now restart your phone and boot it into recovery by holding Volume Up and Power button together. Release the buttons when the phone starts in recovery mode.
  • In TWRP recovery, or another custom recovery, you should be able to see an option to ‘install’. Use this option to install the SuperSU package.
  • After SuperSU package has finished installing on your phone, restart it from recovery menu. This time, let it boot in normal mode.
  • When the phone boots up, install a root checking app.
  • Verify root status.root checker.apk

Congratulations! You should now have root Xiaomi Mi Max permissions.

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