Root Oppo F3 Plus in Minutes (Using PC / Without PC)

When you buy the latest Oppo F3 Plus, you don’t have to use it with all the bloatware that comes pre-installed with it. The good news is that you can easily root Oppo F3 Plus without a PC.

In case you don’t have a PC or just don’t want to go the extra mile to connect your phone to a PC, you can still root your phone. You will need to read this rooting guide to the very end to find out the method that uses only your phone and the internet to give you the root access.

oppo_f3_plus_seflie expert

We don’t have time to waste. So let’s get on the train right away.

Root Oppo F3 Plus Using a PC

Oppo is a great phone with excellent hardware quality. It’s made for the perfect selfie. You can take selfies from a wider angle using this phone.

Before you decide to root Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of rooting this phone.


  • Rooting this phone will give you complete access to the system so you can make any kind of changes to it.
  • After rooting the phone, you will be able to remove pre-installed apps.
  • Rooted phones usually perform better as you can easily deploy performance tweaks.
  • Root Oppo F3 Selfie Expert to install a different firmware if you don’t like Oppo stock ROM. You can install different custom ROMs on Oppo after you gain the root access.
  • You can update the firmware to the latest version without having to wait for the manufacturer to deliver it via OTA.
  • Once rooted, you can easily improve the battery performance of your phone by uninstalling apps that consume a lot of power.


  • Rooted phones can’t be updated using OTA feature.
  • Some apps won’t install on rooted phones.
  • Since it’s a new model, you may not find custom recovery files if something goes wrong during the root process.

Steps to Root This Phone (Computer Required)

Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert is a new model. This means you won’t find TWRP or other custom recovery apps for this model. The only way to root this phone is to use third-party rooting apps.

If XDA uploads a TWRP for this phone, we will update this article to include it.

Follow the steps below to root this phone.

Step 1: Prepare for rooting 

  • Charge your phone for a while. Make sure the battery is at least 80% charged before you move to the next step.
  • Make a backup of your phone. It will be handy in case you lose your data or something else goes wrong during the process.
  • Find the USB cable that comes with the phone. If you have lost it, buy a new USB cable as we need it for this procedure.
  • Get access to a PC as we need it for this method.
  • Enable ‘USB Debugging’ on your phone by going to Settings>Developer Options.
  • Be sure to connect your PC to the internet. You will need to download some files in order to root your phone.

Step 2: Download necessary files

  • Download USB drivers for Oppo. You can also download these drivers from official Oppo website.
  • Download RootKHP from the official page on your PC. We will need this program to root the phone at hand. This root program works with Oppo as listed on the official page here.

Step 3: Start the rooting procedure

  • To start the rooting procedure, simply install RootKHP on your PC. This should take only a minute after you have downloaded the program.
  • Now connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable. Be sure to install the USB drivers that you downloaded in the previous step.
  • Now run RootKHP.
  • Once it recognizes your phone, simply click on the big ROOT button that will become active. You can clearly see the button in the image below.

rootkhp root oppo f3 plus

  • Wait a few minutes.
  • After the program displays a message telling you that the process is complete, disconnect your phone from the PC. Check root status to verify that you have succeeded to root Oppo F3 Plus.

rooted oppo f3 plus with a pc

Root Oppo F3 Plus Without a PC / Laptop

Rooting Oppo without a PC is easy. Follow the simple steps below.

  • Download KingoRoot APK from this link.
  • Install the app on your phone. Your phone might display a warning that you are installing an app from an unknown source. Follow the prompt to enable installation from ‘unknown sources’ to complete the installation.

unknown-sources oppo f3plus

  • Now run the KingoRoot app on your phone.
  • Locate the big ROOT button on the main screen of this app.

Kingoroot-Download for oppo f3 plus

  • Click this button and wait a few seconds.
  • You should now see a prompt telling you that your phone is rooted.
  • Verify root Oppo F3 Plus status using a root checker app from Play Store.

Now your should have a rooted phone. Be sure to try some custom ROMs to customize your rooted phone the way you want.

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