Easy Rooting Method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro – Takes Only 10 Minutes!

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro? You can easily root this phone and make it run faster and smoother. The rooting method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is easy and it lets you install custom ROMs on your phone. Your life will be a lot of fun when you start experimenting with different ROMs.

samsung galaxy c9 pro

This new phone from Samsung is one of the best phones that you can buy these days. This new Galaxy C smartphone shows that Samsung is capable of delivering the best phones for power users. The good news is that you can improve its performance by simply rooting it. Here are some of the things you can do with this phone after rooting it using this easy method.

  • Boost RAM of your phone by freeing up memory after uninstalling unwanted bloatware apps that come pre-installed on the phone. You won’t need half of these apps.
  • When you root Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, you will be able to install any custom ROM on this phone. Custom ROMs allow you to change the look and feel of your phone.
  • You can install themes and fonts of your choice on this phone after you follow rooting method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.
  • You can boost your phone’s battery life once you have rooted it. You will find many battery optimization apps that run on rooted phones.

Rooting Method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro – Full Explained

Before you root your Samsung phone, be sure to meet the following pre-requisites.

  • Your phone has 80% charge on the battery.
  • You have a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  • Make sure that you are trying this rooting tutorial on Galaxy C9 Pro SM-C900 only. This method will also work for Chinese variant of this phone but don’t try it on any other phone or variant of Galaxy C.
  • Make sure you have access to a computer so that you can flash your phone and install TWRP recovery easily.
  • Make sure that you have unlocked the bootloader of this phone before you proceed with this procedure.
  • Enable OEM Unlocking.
  • Enable USB debugging on the phone by going to Settings. You won’t be able to flash your phone unless it has USB debugging enabled.
  • You also need to disable reactivation lock by going to Settings > Security.
  • Insert a MicroSD card in your phone. We will need it to copy files during this rooting method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

Download these files

To start the rooting method, you need to download the following files.

  • Start by downloading USB drivers for your phone. Visit this link to download Samsung USB drivers.
  • Now you need Odin. Download the latest version of this flashing tool from this link.
  • Download TWRP Recovery from this link.
  • Finally, download SuperSU from this link. We will use this tool to manage root permissions on your phone.

Rooting method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Follow the steps below to root Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

  1. Unpack Odin zip file that you downloaded earlier. Go to the folder on your computer where you downloaded this file and locate the executable file.
  2. Run this file. It will install and run Odin on your computer.
  3. Now turn off your phone. Restart it in ‘download’ mode and connect it with your PC using the USB cable.
  4. Now locate PDA button and click it.
  5. Load the TWRP recovery image.
  6. You should be able to see a large button on Odin saying ‘Flash’ or ‘Start’, depending on the version you are using. Click this button and wait for the flashing procedure to complete.
    rooting method samsung c9 pro
  7. Now disconnect your phone and insert the SD card after copying SuperSU file on it.
  8. Power on your phone and load install SuperSU from SD card.
  9. It should take a minute.
  10. Your phone should be rooted now.

I hope you enjoyed this simple rooting method Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. If something doesn’t work for you or you have questions, feel free to ask in comments. I will try to respond as soon as I can to your rooting-related queries.

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