Root Motorola Moto M Without PC

Motorola Moto M uses Mediatek Helio P10 CPU with 3GB/4GB RAM. It’s a great combo and you can easily make it even more powerful after you root Motorola Moto M.

motorola-moto-m rooting tutorial

You will love the performance your phone will deliver after you remove all the bloatware. These unwanted apps run in the background and consume a lot of resources. You can only remove them once you have rooted your phone.

Sounds interesting? Follow the tutorial below to root Motorola Moto M without PC. That’s right – you don’t need a computer for this tutorial. Just grab your phone and follow the steps below.

Before you start rooting, read these requirements for rooting this device.

Requirements – Read before you root Motorola Moto M

  • Charge your phone fully before proceeding with this tutorial.
  • there are no guarantees or warranties of any kind. You proceed at your own.
  • Rooting your phone will void your warranty. So think twice before you decide about it.
  • You also need to enable installation from ‘unknown sources’ by going to Settings>Security on your phone.

Root Motorola Moto M without PC

Now follow the easy steps.

  • Download Towelroot app for Moto from this link.
  • Install it on your phone. It will install within a minute if you have already enabled installation from “unknown sources”
  • If you get a warning that you are installing a third-party app that could be harmful to your device, click ‘install anyway’. Android will display this warning whenever you try to install an app outside¬†the Google Play Store.
    root motorola moto m without pc
  • Now go to your apps on Moto phone and look for the newly installed Towelroot app.
  • Run the app and click ‘Make it rain’ on the main app screen.
  • As soon as you click this button, this app will start rooting your phone. It usually takes only a minute or so to complete the procedure but it might take longer depending on your internet speed. This app will download root files for your mobile version.

When the app completes the procedure, your phone will be rooted. You will become an admin user so you will be able to install custom ROMs and remove any app you want, including the pre-installed apps.

If you face any issues during this procedure, be sure to try it at a later time. This rooting app keeps updating its files so even if it fails for now, try it in a week’s time. The company will add rooting files for your version of Moto M.

What can you do with a rooted Moto M

When you root Motorola Moto M, you become the ‘super’ user. You have complete access to all system files. It means you can make any kind of changes to the core Android system.

It’s important not to play around with core system files after you get the root permissions. It may lead to an unbricked device.

On the other hand, having such privileges could help you achieve some fancy trick on your phone. For example, you can consider doing any of the followings on your newly rooted phone.

  • You can easily install a custom ROM of your choice on your phone. A custom ROM allows you to completely tweak your phone’s look. Some ROMs have unique features that would let you use your phone in a completely new way.
  • You can install any app on a rooted phone. Some apps that require root access do a great job at speeding up your phone. Install these apps and enjoy a faster phone.
  • You will find many apps that boost your battery performance. These apps need root permission so they will only install on phones that have been rooted. You can try some of these apps and enjoy improved battery time.


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