Root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G – The Ultimate Rooting Guide

I know it’s always exciting when you are about to root your newly bought phone. If this time you want to root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G, you have come to the right place. I will give you every detail that you need to know to root this phone.

As a bonus, I give you screenshots/pictures on every step. Can it get any easier than that?

So, without wasting any time, let’s start with what we need to do today – root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G!

Micromax Canvas Mega 4G

Why would you want to get root rights for this phone?

This is no secret anymore. You know rooting your phone gives you ultimate control over your phone. Below are some of the advantages that might become your motivation to unlock your phone.

  • Get unlimited options to customize your phone. Install new themes or simply change the entire Android stock of your phone with a custom ROM.
  • Take control of all system activities and processes.
  • Become the ‘actual’ owner of your phone. After rooting it, you become the ‘super’ admin. You decide whether to keep even the critical system files or not.
  • Boost your phone’s performance with amazing battery and processor hacks. You can overclock the CPU and improve battery time by using a lightweight kernel.
  • Disable any system service.
  • Install or uninstall any app you like even if it’s not available in Play Store.

How to root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G – Full Instructions

It’s time we root this phone. Above, you explored how rooting can help you take control of your phone. Now let’s see what you need to do in order to root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G.

Step1: Download KingoRoot

kingo root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G

If you want to root this phone, the best way forward is to use Kingoroot app. This app is revolutionary in a way that it allows you to get admin access on most Android phones without having to root manually. It works like magic, with the push of a few buttons.

To begin, download KingoRoot KingoRoot on your computer. It should take a minute.

Once downloaded, install Kingoroot on your computer. It should be fairly easy to install this software app on your PC. Just double-click the downloaded installer file and follow on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Root your phone

Now we move to the main procedure so that we can finally take total control of our phone. In this step, you will eventually root your phone.


Follow these simple instructions to complete this easy step.

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone. You can find this option under Phone Settings.
  • Connect your phone to your laptop using the USB connection.
  • Now open the Kingo program on your PC.

Now you should see your phone in KingoRoot app. That means you have done everything right up to this point.

If you don’t see your phone in Kingo, remove the USB and connect the phone again. If it still doesn’t help, change the USB cable and make sure that you have installed your phone’s USB drivers in your laptop.

Step 3: Finalize rooting

If you have done everything correct up to this point, you should see the ‘root’ button in KingoRoot. Click this highlighted button to root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G.


Wait for the process to complete. When it finishing rooting your phone, you will see a ‘complete’ dialogue box on the screen.

Disconnect your phone and restart it. Install some root-checking app to verify root status of your phone.

Congratulations! You have a root Micromax Canvas Mega 4G with you now.  Go ahead and install custom ROMs and other customization options on your phone.

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