Install TWRP Recovery on Sony Xperia E3 D2202 12 – New Method

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A Guide To Root Sony Xperia Z5 With PC

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How to Update Sony Xperia Z5 to Marshmallow

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How to root Sony Xperia Z5

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How to root Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony has always launched the compact versions of their high-end Android smartphones. The basic difference between the compact version and the normal version of their Android devices is that the compact version comes with a small screen and less powerful hardware. The Xperia Z3 compact by Sony is the … [Read more...]

How to root Sony Xperia Z3 compact

Sony has launched many compact smartphones in a while. Xperia Z3 compact by Sony is one of the compact smartphones which is launched by the company. The Xperia Z3 compact comes with a 4.6-inch display screen which delivers resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. The display of the Sony Xperia Z3 compact is … [Read more...]

How To Install Android Lollipop On Sony Xperia C

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How To Root Sony Xperia E3 (D2202/D2203/D2206/D2212/D2243)

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