How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 And Flash CWM Recovery

If you have bought Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 smartphone with the older operating system Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and want to update it with the newer version then make use of this article. In the internet you may come over with many tutorials to root Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 smartphone, but most of … [Read more...]

5 Best Android Apps For Rooted Devices

If you are an android user, then obviously you come over the term of android rooting many times. Rooting your device (check out Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting) will given you complete control over your device and you can do whatever you want! It is quite similar to Jailbreaking an Apple … [Read more...]

Pros And Cons Of Android Rooting

If you have an android phone, then probably you familiar with the term “rooting”. Before going to discuss about it’s advantages and disadvantages, I would like to share what is mean by rooting and what is android. What Is Android? Basically, it is the open source software of Google. At present the … [Read more...]

How To Find Android Device Is Rooted Or Not

"How to check whether my Android device is rooted or not?" This is the common question from the people who want to root their android device or for those who have tried rooting their device. It is not easy to find manually, since there is no lights, no labels and nothing to tell that your device is … [Read more...]

What Is Android Rooting?

If you are the admin of Windows machine, definitely you can access the whole operating system and can do whatever in that. Exactly, the same thing will happen, if you root the android smartphone. Once you root your device, you can fully access your mobile phone and can come over all the restrictions … [Read more...]