Download Google Nexus USB Drivers For All Models

If you own a Google Nexus smartphone or tablet, and if you would want to connect it with a computer, then you will have to download Google Nexus USB drivers based on your smartphone model. Since, Google doesn’t offer any PC suite application like Samsung Kies or Sony PC Companion, downloading and installing USB Drivers in your computer is the only way to connect your Google Nexus smartphone with computer.

If you don’t know where to download USB drivers for your Nexus smartphone, then don’t worry at all. Here, we have given USB drivers for all models of Google Nexus smartphones and tablets. Download the USB driver from here right away, install it in your computer and connect your mobile with PC successfully.

Download Google Nexus USB Drivers

Download Google Nexus USB Drivers

Google Nexus Model Number USB Drivers
Google Nexus 1 (Nexus One) Download
Google Nexus 3 (Galaxy Nexus) Download
Google Nexus 2 (Nexus S) Download
Google Nexus 5 Download
Google Nexus 4 Download
Google Nexus 7 (2012) Download
Google Nexus 6 Download
Google Nexus 9 Download
Google Nexus 7 (2013) Download
Google Nexus Q Download
Google Nexus 10 Download
Google Nexus Player Download


1) All these USB drivers are provided by Google officially. So, if you encounter any problems while installing them, contact Google Nexus support team.

2) If you are looking for Google Nexus Stock ROM firmwares, then please visit this page and download them from there.

3) If you would like to get rooting tutorials, firmware upgrade tutorials, etc., for your Google Nexus smartphones and tablets, visit this category page.

4) Only by installing these USB drivers in your computer, you will be able to connect your smartphone to tablet with the computer and sync contacts and other data.

5) If you can’t find your Google Nexus smartphone or tablet’s USB driver from the above list, do let us know by leaving a message in the contact page.

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