Download Panasonic USB Drivers – Driver For Panasonic Android Devices

If you want to connect your Panasonic Smartphone or tablet to the computer, then you will need Panasonic USB drivers installed in the computer. Since, Panasonic don’t offer any PC suite application you have to download Panasonic USB driver based on your Android device model number and install it manually on the computer.

If you are looking for Panasonic USB drivers for your smartphone model number, then look no further. Here, we have managed to provide download links for USB drivers of all Panasonic smartphones and tablets. All these drivers are provided officially by Panasonic.

Download Panasonic USB Drivers

Download Panasonic USB Drivers:

Panasonic Model Number USB Drivers
Panasonic Eluga A Download
Panasonic Eluga I Download
Panasonic Eluga DL1 Download
Panasonic Eluga S Download
Panasonic Eluga Power Download
Panasonic Eluga U2 Download
Panasonic Eluga U Download
Panasonic P11 Download
Panasonic Lumix Smart Camera CM1 Download
Panasonic P41 Download
Panasonic P31 Download
Panasonic P55 Download
Panasonic P51 Download
Panasonic P81 Download
Panasonic P61 Download
Panasonic T11 Download
Panasonic T9 Download
Panasonic T31 Download
Panasonic T21 Download
Panasonic T41 Download
Panasonic T40 Download
Panasonic Toughpad JT-B1 Download
Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 Download


1) If you can’t find your Panasonic device model number in the list given above, then download Panasonic Universal USB driver and install it in your computer. This USB driver works for almost all devices.

2) All these USB drivers are provided officially by Panasonic. So, if you face any issues while installing them or while trying to connect your device to the computer, contact Panasonic support team.

3) If you would like to get rooting tutorials or firmware upgrade tutorials for your Panasonic Android device, then check out our Panasonic category page.

4) All these Panasonic USB drivers comes in .exe file format. So just install them in your computer and connect your device with it successfully.

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  1. I want to root my Panasonic p55 .I have downloaded Kongo softwear.but I cannot go root by Kongo.and want to move apps in sd card no option is in the phone how can I move app in SD card .and how can I root my Panasonic p55

  2. I want move apps in SD card but there is no option in my Panasonic p55.plz tell me how can I move apps in my SD card.plz give me some options

  3. any lollpop custom rom is there so plz help me and plzz give any ota update

  4. Hi. I have a p55. I got a software update few days back, when the phone Is updating. Its got switched off. And now I see only an android screen when I try to switch it on. What can I do?? Any manual software update can help me??? How to do it. Plzz help me..

  5. How I root my Panasonic eluga A
    Pls help me I want to move apps in ext SD card
    Is there a coistom ROM lollipop for Panasonic Eluga A pls help

  6. Hi,

    I will provide a working tutorial for flashing recovery in your device shortly.

  7. Hi,

    I will provide a working rooting tutorial along with custom ROM installation tutorial shortly.

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