How To Root HTC Butterfly X920D Smartphone

This is the simple tutorial for the people who are looking for a good procedure to root HTC Butterfly X920D smartphone. Before start to root your device, you are advised to read what is rooting and what is its advantages and disadvantages. Pre-rooting procedure: 1.First, backup all your … [Read more...]

Pros And Cons Of Android Rooting

If you have an android phone, then probably you familiar with the term “rooting”. Before going to discuss about it’s advantages and disadvantages, I would like to share what is mean by rooting and what is android. What Is Android? Basically, it is the open source software of Google. At present the … [Read more...]

What Is Android Rooting?

If you are the admin of Windows machine, definitely you can access the whole operating system and can do whatever in that. Exactly, the same thing will happen, if you root the android smartphone. Once you root your device, you can fully access your mobile phone and can come over all the restrictions … [Read more...]